Queue Troubles
As some of you may have noticed, there are some problems with certain categories and subcategories when you try to submit stories. Unfortunately, the hacker attack has had an impact here at MNFF too, and we are unable to access certain controls needed to fix the problems. We don't know how long they will last but we'll keep you updated.

We're very sorry for the troubles this has caused and thank you all for your continued support.

EDIT: Unfortunately, due to the hacker situation, we're unable to access any of our staff emails. This includes individual mod emails and also the site staff email. If you've emailed a mod recently and haven't got a reply, this is why. If you're in desperate need of mod attention, please try PMing us over the forums.
Posted by Anasuya on 01/04/08 18:34 (108 Comments)

Oh good, it's not just me then! I tried clearing my cookies and everything... I was just about to ask about that. Stupid hackers... I just got my story back from my beta and was really eager to post it, too. Hopefully this will be able to be fixed soon =[ Good luck, mods!
- x_GinnyPotter_x on 01/04/08 18:39
Hackers...they're despicable!
Just a quick question, though: Are all stories having trouble being submitted, or just stories submitted in a certain category?
Anyways, best of luck, mods. Hopefully, you're amazing moderating powers will fix the problem.
- poisonapple on 01/04/08 19:04
It looks like all categories are having trouble. We do still have some fictions in the queue though, so we'll try to keep modding and get those fictions done. In the meantime, keep perfecting your chapters so that we can accept them once you manage to submit. :)
- Roxy Black on 01/04/08 19:09
Stupid hackers! Which categories/subcategories are having problems?
- Privet Desperation on 01/04/08 19:10
good. I thought it was just my computer having problems (again). Thats good to hear its not just me.
- lillylover77 on 01/04/08 20:38
Can anybody explain when this hacker attack was/what happened? I guess I missed it.
- abbs866 on 01/04/08 21:14
Ugh, I can't understand why someone would want to hack this site. I mean, don't they have anything better to do with their time other than make us all miserable??
Hopefully everything will be fixed soon though!
- Misdemeanor1331 on 01/04/08 22:24
Awwww. I was just gonna add my story. stupid hackers.
- Raffles on 01/04/08 22:29
I was just wondering if this would affect the Winter Tales deadline. I personally have two more one-shots to post before the eleventh. Good luck fixing it!
- R_Ravenclaw on 01/04/08 22:57
On Wednesday when the queue was opened again, I also ran into the category-locking debacle. However, I unwittingly managed to get around it… I think. I selected the category (or at least tried to) and then went to preview. In the preview page, the category I selected had in fact been selected, and allowed me proceed with the submission.

…At least I think it went through. At any rate, my fic appears as a non-validated story in my Manage Stories section, so I presume that means it’s in the queue.

For you moderators out there, I do hope you solve the problem promptly, and I wish you luck.
- Tim the Enchanter on 01/05/08 0:08
If we've just submitted our story under the Winter Tales Challenge catagory, will it be accepted and then we change the catagory to the proper one once everything has been cleared up?
- FlightofthePhoenix on 01/05/08 1:10
I'm the same as Tim the Enchanted - I have a chapter on my manage stories that says it hasn't been validated? Does this mean it's in the queue? I didn't have any problems submitting it, as far as I know...

Good luck with sorting it all out! :D

- dumbledorefluertwins on 01/05/08 9:19
I am glad that the main mugglenet site is back up, but very angry about MNFF being hacked in such a way that all categories are affected. A question: is there any leads as to who did hacked MN and MNFF?
- HPKING92 on 01/05/08 10:14
Stupid hackers. Let's feed them to Grawp :)
- magic_child on 01/05/08 10:40
Wow Hackers are so lame. Its bad enough when they hack a game but hacking a fan fiction database? Honestly, what is the point of doing that. Well, I hope who ever did this is amused because he/she has mad many people very angry. I for one am very disapointed that this has happened. I just came back from a very long hiatus with my stroy The Pureblood and the Mudblood. I just got chapter one rewritten wth more details and all that jazz and I can't even post it because of some stupid hacker!!! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!
- anangeliam05 on 01/05/08 10:43
Grr! That's awful! Are the challenge category or poetry categories having any trouble? Those are the two I plan to submit to. (WIth two different stories.) I think I'll close with a quote. In the words of anangeliam05, "GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!"

- Nevilles Girl on 01/05/08 11:06 Inernet versions of Death Eaters!! I hope that they all turn into toads!!...or at least leave us alone. Magic_Child has a good idea, though!
- Pottergirl on 01/05/08 12:54
Privet Desperation - As Roxy Black said, all categories, not specific categories, are having problems.

abbs866 - Hacker attack happened around New Years. We obviously won't give out any other specifics as to how or who.

Tim the Enchanter and dumbledorefluertwins - If your story shows up in your "Manage Stories" section, then it has been successfully submitted in queue; people who are having trouble submitting won't even get to the submitting part. I'm not sure if you really found a way around the problem; from the growing queue, it's obvious not everyone is experiencing troubles submitting. You're probably just one of the lucky ones.

HPKING92 - Main site, if they choose to, may release whatever details they want later.

Nevilles Girl - All categories are having trouble. It doesn't hurt to try to submit to see if you can get your story in.

Everyone Else - I share your sentiments.

- Marauder by Midnight on 01/05/08 13:47
I saw that the main Mugglenet site had been attacked by hackers, but had no idea that here would be effected as well! I hope everything gets straightened out! I have a question, though. A few people have been asking this, but I have a story submitted and on my manage stories page and it says it's not validated yet, is it in the queue? Best of luck getting everything back to normal!
- Lady Alanna on 01/05/08 13:50
Oh...never mind then! The answer to my question was put up right after I submitted my question! (sorry for the extra comment) :)
- Lady Alanna on 01/05/08 13:51
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