Open again
The queue is now open and ready for submissions. We hope you all enjoyed your holidays and thank you for sticking with MNFF for another year. We look forward to making this one as successful as last year.

Happy writing!
Posted by Anasuya on 01/02/08 19:13 (34 Comments)

Happy writing indeed!

I just submitted my latest work about five minutes ago. Anyway, thank you kind sirs and madams for being such great moderators for us rabid writers. It's a good thing you had a break; you needed it. I suspect that the queue is overflowing already...

Tim the Enchanter
- Tim the Enchanter on 01/02/08 20:27
It feels so good to be back! I hope that everyone had a happy holiday!

Happy writing, everyone!

*haunts the queue inconspiciously*
- Elmindreda on 01/02/08 20:35
It's back on early, too! My new year's resolution was to submit at least one of my many fanfics that have been occupying my harddrive. Now I hope I can figure this out...
- saneasluna on 01/02/08 20:42
Happy writing to all the fine authors here at MNFF! I just wanted to tell the mods how much I enjoy reading the various stories that have been posted here. They are all fantastic and wonderfully written!
I hope someday to have the courage to post a story of my own...I love to write, it's just that I'm a bit shy about posting a tale for all the world to see, and hoping it looks good and whether or not folks would like it.
I'm just concerned about grammer and tiny things like that. I've got notebooks full of writings, no Harry Potter though, but I'm working on one. But never published any.
Sorry for the long post! Happy New Year to all!

Moonstargazer :0)
- moonstargazer on 01/02/08 21:52
Awesome! Thanks for opening back up a little early, Mods!
- MistressOfTime on 01/02/08 23:09
Happy Writing all, I can't wait to read the new stories!
- Enneirda on 01/03/08 1:22
Wow, I was estatic to see the queue opened a day early. (:
Thank you moderators.
I'm sure you're now swamped with new submissions- yikes.
- lullaby BANG on 01/03/08 1:27
yay this is pretty cool! what happened to mugglenet? it's not working for me.
- froggie on 01/03/08 4:58
um i am having some serious problems with mugglenet as well, i think someone has hacked into it..every time i try to access it a page saying "you got ...." comes up with a weird photoshopped picture of harry potter and the goblet of fire movie! whats going on??

- Silver Whisper on 01/03/08 5:02
i know! i looked up r00ted and it means to sure emerson and co. will fix it but it's still pretty scary...i guess it could be a really unfunny joke
- froggie on 01/03/08 5:15
Yeah, it's just some idiots who have hacked into the site - MNFF was hacked into a while back, and they sent out loads of horrible emails to some of the users. Meh, don't worry about it; it's just some pathetic twerps who have no life and reduce themselves to doing that for attention.

Hope the mods had a good break anyways! :D

- dumbledorefluertwins on 01/03/08 5:18
I'm having the same problem with mugglenet.
- Saif on 01/03/08 6:03
The Mugglenet Mainsite has been experiencing some nasty problems recently and has been taken down temporarily for repairs. Don't worry about it. The site will be returned as soon as possible and in the mean time, we're here to keep you company. :)

~ Roxy - MNFF Moderator.
- Roxy Black on 01/03/08 8:29
Happy New Year everyone <3
- wizard girl on 01/03/08 13:17
Oh my Godric! Thank goodness! I thought perhaps MNFF would shut down too due to the "hacker problems" on MuggleNet. (So mean!) I went on today and my first thought was "NO! MUGGLENET CLOSED DOWN!!!" (Thankfully I calmed down enough to read what it said. Still upset though)

Anyway, Happy New Year!

- Nevilles Girl on 01/03/08 14:07
I just went to Mugglenet and it's kinda fixed.. oh well, they'll be back soon( mugglenet, not the hackers)! Happy New Year everyone! Especially the mods ( maybe if I say that they might accpet one of my stories :P)
- voldy_mort on 01/03/08 16:02
Why would someone want to hack into MN? They are just meanies. Thank for openeing the queue again! I started screaming when I found out and I like ran and debated over which stories to submit. Hope all mods had a great holiday!

- hermione_granger4life on 01/03/08 17:32
I'm having a problem, and I hope you can help.
I'm trying to post my next chapter, but once it's set up and I hit preview, it's not showing up, stating that I only have one word posted.??? I've tried several times at different times during the day thinking that there might me a overload at the site. Still no luck. Any advise?

- DaniDM on 01/03/08 18:09
Emma, maybe it's the blog guy. xP Anyways, I'm so glad the queue's back open! *runs off to submit*
- harry_victoria on 01/03/08 18:19
I'm so glad the queue's open! I wrote a one-shot over the holiday and I've submitted it.

I'm just hoping nobody hacks into MNFF. I'm saving all my drabbles and fics and everything to my computer just in case.

Yay for the queue!
- Angela_Prongs on 01/03/08 23:35
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