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Change of Closure Dates

by Anasuya @ 12/20/07 20:42  
Due to unforeseen circumstances, MNFF will be closing tonight at midnight EST, approximately two and a half hours from now. This is a change from the planned date of tomorrow at midnight.

You can still submit stories until the designated time. Any stories in the queue as of the closure will be moderated. Anything that finds its way into the queue after the closure will be rejected without notice.

Thank you for your understanding and we apologize for the inconvenience.

EDIT: The queue is now closed. Please hold onto all your submissions until January 3rd.

Happy Holidays from all the staff here at MNFF!
myownmuggle written on 12/20/07 21:34

As an additional note to Anasuya's post above, the deadline for the Winter's Tales Challenge will not change. Keep working on those entries! I look forward to seeing them when we reopen.

harry_victoria written on 12/21/07 7:22

I have a question. If your story is in the queue at this moment, and has been for a couple of days, will it still be accepted/rejected?

Phoenix5225 written on 12/21/07 7:31

All stories that have already been submitted to the queue will be moderated.

nesit721 written on 12/21/07 7:38

What were the "unforseen corcumstances"?

myownmuggle written on 12/21/07 7:48

nesit721: That's not something you need to be concerned about.

Love_is_4ever written on 12/21/07 8:26

I was going to submit something but... Oh well.

Happy Holidays, Everyone!!

~ Samarie

bertiebott12 written on 12/21/07 8:56

No problem! Thanks for letting us know, modlies!

Everyone, have a wonderful holiday!

HogwartsGirly124 written on 12/21/07 13:50

aww, cant wait till its open again!! Thanks for letting us know!!

Happy holidays everyone.
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
And happy birthday to me in three days!

Nevilles Girl written on 12/21/07 13:50

Thanks for letting us know! I'm kinda bummed, but eh. You guys really deserve the break. (Or is it a break since you're still moderating?) In any case, happy holidays!

Pottergirl6 written on 12/21/07 13:57

So we can't submit anything from now until Jan. 3rd, right?

padfoot_returns written on 12/21/07 14:46

I was gonna submitt something, but oh well. Happy holidays everyone!!!

KASK written on 12/21/07 14:47

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays, everyone!

Mods -- Thank you for working so hard and keeping MNFF running smooth! You guys deserve a break! :D :D :D

hermione_granger4life written on 12/21/07 16:48

I hope all you mods have a happy christmas!! Have fun over your break even though you'll still be reviewing the submissions! :)


PadfootnPeeves written on 12/21/07 18:57

Aww, it'll be weird without so many stories coming up. Oh well- you modies deserve it, with all your hard work ^_^
Merry Christmas everybuddy, and a happy New Year!

laceymoibella written on 12/21/07 20:58

I want to wish all of you Mods a Merry Christmas. Thank you for all you do here. It is appreciated.


Lady Knightly written on 12/21/07 23:43

Wait! But I still have fifteen minutes!! :(

rita_skeeter written on 12/22/07 12:25

Pottergirl6: That's exactly right.

Gin_PotterGirl written on 12/22/07 12:38

And happy birthday to me in three days!

Happy Birthday to me in ... 17 days! XD

Merry Christmas!

Luna_Lovegood11 written on 12/22/07 16:08

Happy Christmahanakwanzaa everyone! You mods do a great job and deserve the break. It's funny, I was actually thinking about whipping up a quick story, seeing if it was worthy, editing it, and submitting it when I saw this news article! Happy Holidays!

FullofLife written on 12/24/07 5:29

Have a happy holiday, Mods!