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First Annual Modly Quicksilver Quill Awards Now Closed!

by Roxy Black @ 12/01/07 13:19  
The first annual Quicksilver Quills: Modly Version is now closed for nominations! Thank you all for your kind words. Keep checking in here for the winners to be announced towards the end of January.
MJ_Padfoot written on 12/02/07 0:01

Good luck mods!

bertiebott12 written on 12/02/07 7:30


harry_victoria written on 12/02/07 7:51

*throws confetti* Good luck to all of the mods!

AprilPotter written on 12/02/07 9:25

Good Luck to the moddies!!

Hermione Lurves Ron written on 12/02/07 18:24

Go modlies!!!!

HogwartsGirly124 written on 12/09/07 12:31

haha this shall be interesing! woot woot!

dumbledorefluertwins written on 12/14/07 17:30

hmmm... a battle between the mods... me thinks this could get nasty... :p

Good luck modlies! :D


Nevilles Girl written on 12/16/07 9:05

Oh too bad! I didn't get to nominating. I've been so busy lately.

hermione_granger4life written on 12/17/07 16:28

Good Luck to all moddies! And congrats to all moddied who were able to be voted for. All of your stories rocked and you should be proud!


Nevilles Girl written on 12/20/07 16:24

This has nothing to do with the topicm but I have no idea where this question would go. Is it possible to put a feature on MNFF that would generate a story at random when you click on it?

bertiebott12 written on 12/23/07 15:02

*was hoping the same thing as Neville's Girl*

Wow, you guys did great on nominations! But, wow, I have 168+ chapters to read before the end of January.


Marauder by Midnight written on 12/27/07 14:40

Nevilles Girl - We'll keep that in mind when we start talking about site updates :)