Closed for the Holidays

Hullo loves! I trust our American friends had a lovely, relaxing Thanksgiving? Well, speaking of the holidays, it's that time of the year when we announce our closing dates for the upcoming winter holiday season. This year, the queue will be closed from Saturday, December 22 to Thursday, January 3. To be clear, and a deal more specific, we will stop accepting submissions at 1 a.m. EST on the "morning" of the 22nd, and will begin accepting them again at 1 a.m. the "morning" of January 3rd.

Please be advised that only the queue will be closing, but the site will (as always) remain up and running, as will our Forums. We will be making an additional news post when December 22 nears as a courtesy reminder-- we just thought you'd like as much notice as possible.

Don't hesitate to leave a comment or to contact one of us if you've questions or concerns. Cheers!

Posted by Elysa on 11/26/07 15:24 (33 Comments)

Happy Holidays, everybody!
As always, Magic Child
- magic_child on 11/26/07 15:50
Will you read and validate/reject the stories already in the queue when it closes? Are you just not accepting new stories?
- Nevilles Girl on 11/26/07 16:27

Good question, NevillesGirl. Yes, you have it right. We will read and validated/reject every submission that is made to the queue before it closes. We always take the time off during break to clear the entire queue so it's empty and fresh for the new year. =)

<3: Elysa

- PhysicalGraffiti on 11/26/07 16:45
Nevilles Girl: All stories that are submitted to the queue by the deadlines Elysa has noted above will be moderated. Anything that is date/time stamped after the deadline will be deleted.
- myownmuggle on 11/26/07 16:46
Yay! Happy Holidays to everyone!!
- AprilPotter on 11/26/07 16:48
*sniff* I don't want to leave for the Holidays... oh well, more time to work on stories! :D
- harry_victoria on 11/26/07 17:39
^^Lol, Victoria! And more time for me to finish my story and give it to you to Beta-read!
- Prongs92 on 11/26/07 20:07
I do love Thanksgiving break. It's an excellent time to write/read fan fiction!
- shewolf2000 on 11/26/07 20:10
I am thankful for Mugglenet fanfiction; it really helped my wait to book Seven. Merry Christmas and Happy holidays to the mods and all the readers/writers.
- DMTAT003 on 11/26/07 20:17
yay it opens the day of the Iowa Primary and a day before my birthday! woot. i really think the mods need a break they work sooo sooo hard (obviously, otherwise the site wouldn't be so great!)
- froggie on 11/26/07 22:22
Thank you! Happy Holidays everyone!
- Nevilles Girl on 11/27/07 15:43
Happy Holidays!
- SmartGryffindorGirl on 11/28/07 18:33
Happy Holidays, all!
- Euphrates on 11/29/07 17:59
Will the deadline be different for everyone according to their timezones?
- Callista Melaney on 11/29/07 20:16
Callista Melaney: The time of day itself will be different for everyone, obviously, depending on your timezone (so if you live in California it'll actually be 10 p.m. instead of 1 a.m.), but if you're asking if we'll wait until 1 a.m. West Coast time to stop accepting submissions from West Coasters, then no. Once the clock strikes 1 a.m. Eastern Time, the queue will close for everyone, regardless of location or timezone. -Elysa
- PhysicalGraffiti on 11/29/07 22:20
I came across this site looking for a picture of Rupert and Emma and I must say I am SO glad I found this site. I am a total Harry Potter junkie and love reading all the stories . . . .
Happy Christmas!!!
- FantasiaMpress on 11/29/07 23:27
Is it just me, or is this a longer closure than it was last year? Not that everyone doesn't deserve a very relaxing holiday, of course!
- megan_lupin on 11/30/07 18:24
megan_lupin: it is longer by one day, yes. And I do agree with your second comment as well. ;)
- PhysicalGraffiti on 12/01/07 1:24
This is my first year as an author, and I am very happy that everyone will be getting a break. This gives everyone a chance to refresh and get ahead on their stories and poems!!! I have a question, though... does this mean that if you submit a story now, it will be validated or rejected before the break even if it's submitted on the 20th?
- SmithsonianGirl on 12/01/07 7:56
Happy Christmahanakwanzaa everyone! I'm glad everyone's getting a break!!!
- Luna_Lovegood11 on 12/01/07 12:03
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