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Automatic Rejections

by Anasuya @ 11/24/07 23:24  
This is a copy of an earlier post, but I think we'd do well to remind you all again.

Please note that submissions to multiple categories or those to the Romance category will be deleted without notice. Please submit to only one category and select a Romance subcategory.

Thank you.
Beeb written on 11/25/07 10:48

Hello, I wrote a story for the Ron and Hermione, but its been deleted and no email has been sent to me.
Why has it been deleted!

written on 11/25/07 12:25

Beeb you should either contact the Mod who handles that category or visit the "I didn't get a Rejection Letter" thread in the forum.

MrsMarielleLupin written on 11/28/07 0:49

I sent in a romance story and I guess it's been deleted, but I don't know why.

Vindictus Viridian written on 11/28/07 9:20

A reminder, since that also has been shoved off the news page by more interesting events: Make sure your email is not filing things from the site into your junk mail. Often as not, that's what happens to rejection letters and other such notices you wanted. Some email providers are more agreeable with this site than others -- Yahoo, for instance, is more likely to give you your letters than Hotmail is.

Draco Malfoy is HOT written on 11/30/07 0:14

um. may i ask how long does it take for MNFF to accept a story? mine is called Not Just Friends- Draco and Harry. . pls let me know. thanks.

written on 11/30/07 9:49

Draco Malfoy is HOT: We strive to handle all stories within a seven day period. However, if things get busy (such as holiday season), it may take a little longer. If you've been waiting for ten days, then you may contact a Mod to see what the status is. Just remember that if you edit the story while it's in the queue, it will be knocked back down on the list. This means the seven day period starts again.

Courtbrat written on 12/03/07 18:59

Hey, Is this why my General fic is being rejected. Thant is kinda unfair. So only Romance stories get excepted. I write mystery stuff!

I am MAD!

Vindictus Viridian written on 12/03/07 20:02

Courtbrat: Anything submitted to "Romance" is being rejected automatically. The submission has to be in a subcategory of Romance. If you're submitting to Mystery, and you're not getting letters, you need to contact the Mystery mod. If you're submitting so the box holds both "General" and "Mystery," however, that's why you're being rejected. Mysteries DO get accepted if they conform to the submission guidelines and the archive standards.

Vindictus Viridian written on 12/03/07 20:06

Postscript: the Mystery mod is mugglemathdork. I just discovered the staff page isn't quite that updated yet.