The 2007 Quicksilver Quill Awards 2007 - Mod Version
The Quicksilver Quills have been a huge success these past couple of years and they're a good way for the site to recognize the achievements of the users of MNFF. As you all know, however, moderators were not allowed to run and compete for these awards with the rest of the users. So, some of the site's professors began planning for a Modly version of the QSQs and now it's almost ready to launch.

There will be 14 categories and, unlike the normal QSQs, there are some pretty silly and lighthearted categories. The judging etc. will take place in a no-mod zone and, like the usual QSQs, will be as objective as possible.

Nominations will open on Dec 1st and all members of the site have the chance to vote and tell us who they think was that "biggest fangirl mod" I see on the list? *raises eyebrows*

So start preparing your nominations and let's take this chance for the mods and authors to connect and have some fun!

If you have any questions they can be directed to one of the following lovely people:


Aaaaand, the list of categories:

  • Biggest Fangirl Mod

  • Best Mod Title

  • Most Undercover Mod

  • Strictest Mod

  • Most Hardworking Mod

  • Best HoH/Prefect

  • Best Novel Length Fic

  • Best Romance Fic

  • Best Poem

  • Best Dark/Angsty Fic

  • Best One-Shot

  • Best Original Character

  • Best Laugh

  • Best Cry

  • For a complete list of all active/eligible mods and a link to their author page, please go here
Posted by MithrilQuill on 11/15/07 15:00 (23 Comments)

Yay!! I'll be sure to nominate a certain story...
- AprilPotter on 11/15/07 15:27
Awesome! Can't wait to vote. Andi, watch out for my vote! *winkwink*
- harry_victoria on 11/15/07 15:58

Tehre are acouple that come to mind for "Strictest Mod" *winkwink*

How are we going to vote in a mod-free zone? How are you even going to manage such thing?!?! 0.0

*giggles* *is excited*

~ Samarie
- Love_is_4ever on 11/15/07 16:25
Love_is_4ever: We've got that all sorted out, dear. :)
- sayiansirius on 11/15/07 16:29
I know who should be most undercover mod! :D **eyes slide over to certain mod**

- dumbledorefluertwins on 11/15/07 16:44
This sounds like fun. -thumbs through list of possible nominations- xD
- Amanda Vega on 11/15/07 16:46
*looks at Evie* I have an idea, too! These Modly ones are going to work great, and smoothly! *wonders if Evie is thinking of the same one*
- bertiebott12 on 11/15/07 16:47
Whew! I'll definitely participate (if possible. *suspicious of school*). It sounds like fun.
- Euphrates on 11/15/07 17:14
Ooh, this'll be cool!

- Gin_PotterGirl on 11/15/07 18:19
dead cool!
Some great people will win hopefully.maybe i can nominated when i submite my story! good luck everbody! :D
- Mser22 on 11/15/07 20:07
is there a list of mod stories? i dont know exactly who is a mod and who isn't, unfortunately
- froggie on 11/15/07 22:05
froggie- There is a list of mods with links to their authors page on the Forum. In the Announcements thread under The 2007 QSQs - Mod Version. You can find their stories this way, if you are unsure of where to look.
- red haired mom on 11/15/07 23:52
Mser22: Only moderators can be nominated during this edition of the QSQs.
- myownmuggle on 11/16/07 5:44
Good luck to all of our wonderful modlies! I better start thumbing through their stories...

Best wishes to all!
- I_LUV_MOONY on 11/16/07 23:54
Oh! I'll be an undercover mod. *hums the Mission: Impossible theme song and acts like she is a undercover agent* Dang it! I just blew my cover. Maybe next year.... LOL!
- MJ_Padfoot on 11/20/07 11:19
HAHA! if a guy wins "Biggest Fangirl Mod" I will laugh SO hard...
- tiger_lily821 on 11/20/07 13:34
how do we find the mods' stories?

and is it only theirs we can choose from?
- Magdalene Rose on 12/01/07 14:10
Magdalene Rose: The easy way to find the modstories is to have a forum account, click the link at the end of the message, and use that list. The hard way is to go to "Staff" over there, learn all the modnames, and then get a forum account to nominate the ones you liked best. And yes, this round is for moderators only. There have been two QSQsfor the general non-modding membership already, and there should be another next fall to reward the site's particularly fine submissions.
- Vindictus Viridian on 12/03/07 13:41
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