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Welcome New Mods!

by Anasuya @ 10/15/07 19:25  
Well, the decision you've all been waiting for has finally been made. On behalf of everyone at MNFF, I'd like to welcome the three new members of our moderator team:

Red and Gold (Andi)
mooncalf (Brosna)
snapes_secret/ Snape's Talon (Sandy)

Congratulations, ladies!

A huge thank you to everyone who applied. You didn't make our decision easy. And remember that we're constantly growing and looking for new mods, so we look forward to seeing you all apply in the future.
AprilPotter written on 10/15/07 19:27

Hooray! Good job and good luck to all the new moddies!

P.S: First comment. *gasp*

Prongs92 written on 10/15/07 19:35

Congrats new mods!

magic_child written on 10/15/07 19:39

Congratulations you guys!! Good luck with your new jobs. *grins*

GreyLady written on 10/15/07 19:43

All three of you are going to be excellent. Congratulations!

babekitty_92 written on 10/15/07 19:53

Well done ladies! You all are definitely going to do a fabulous job! Abbi :)

MagicalMaddie331 written on 10/15/07 20:15

Woot! Nice job, best of luck! :]

Jameswys written on 10/15/07 20:28

Congrats!!!! :)

ix3thehpseries written on 10/15/07 20:29

Congrats to the new mods and best luck next time to the ones who didn't make it.

Stubbornly_appeared written on 10/15/07 20:48

Woot! Great choices!

Hoping you all will do a wonderful job rejecting my stories. Congrats!

Celestial Melody written on 10/15/07 21:32

Huzzah! *huggles Brosna, Sandy, and Andi* <-- The last two rhyme! =O =P

Brosna, chickadee, you totally deserve this, as do Sandy and Andi. Great job you three Ravenclaws! =)

dancingcarrot21 written on 10/15/07 21:32

Kudos to the new mods. And tell Andi (red and gold), 'I knew it!' XD

I_LUV_MOONY written on 10/15/07 21:53

Hope you have lots of fun rejecting all of my stories! :D Don't be too harsh. :P Congratulations!

red haired mom written on 10/15/07 23:08

*hugs all three 'Claws*
You three will do a wonderful job, and the entire CR is so proud of you! Congratulations!

FenrirG written on 10/16/07 0:31

*squees wildly* ANDI! SANDY! *huggles tighly* Ohgosh I am SO proud and happy for the both of you, and Brosna too! *squishes* This is amazing. You guys really deserve this, so CONGRATULATIONS!

bertiebott12 written on 10/16/07 5:20

Hey! *squishes Andi and Sandy* I have to meet Brosna!

Schmerg_The_Impaler written on 10/16/07 5:25

EEEEE! Oh my gosh, I knew you guys had it in you! And you deserve it! I've always liked you people's writing!

Try not to fall too much in love with the 'reject' button! Have fun! Hope you don't mind reading all of my crazy stories coming through the queue!

BloodRayne written on 10/16/07 5:45

Just three new mods? I thought it would be more...

Congrats, Sandi, Andi, and Brosna!

Gin_PotterGirl written on 10/16/07 5:51


Congrats to Andi, Sandy, and Brosna!

harry_victoria written on 10/16/07 6:34

OMG! Andi!!!! *huggles* I'm so glad for all three of you, great job! Don't freak us out too much though! xxvictoria

avid_fanatic written on 10/16/07 8:12

Oh, congratulations!!! Good luck for being the new mods *smiles* *winks*