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Applications Closed

by Anasuya @ 10/03/07 19:35  
The mod applications are now closed. Apps received after this time will not be accepted. We will take some time to deliberate over the candidates. We'll have a list of new mods to you as soon as possible.

Good luck to all those who applied!

EDIT: Just a notice that the decision is nearly complete and the emails should start going out this weekend.
Prongs92 written on 10/03/07 20:15

Good luck to every applicant!

Schmerg_The_Impaler written on 10/03/07 20:20

I had this dream that it said on MNFF that I got to be a new moderator (I didn't apply and never would... I'm too terrified of mods to be one!), but in the dream, I was laughing so hard because "OMG, people will get emails saying that the impaler has approved their story! HAHAHAHAHAHA!"

I don't actually see what's even *REMOTELY* funny about that.

Good luck to applicants! And if anyone I knew from the forums or this site makes it on, PLEASE DON'T EAT ME, YOU TERRIFYING NEW MOD OF SCARINESS! *Ducks and waves about big stick*

babekitty_92 written on 10/03/07 22:05

Good luck everyone!!

*bites nails nervously in anticipation*
Abbi :)

Gin_PotterGirl written on 10/04/07 6:09

Good Luck to everyone!

*also bites nails*

GinnyPotter808 written on 10/04/07 14:02

Good luck applicants!

harry_victoria written on 10/04/07 16:00

Question: When will they be announced?

And to Schmergo, if I make it, I will not eat you! I promise!

myownmuggle written on 10/04/07 16:07

harry_victoria: The new mods will be announced when we make the final decision. The current staff needs time to evaluate the applications and deliberate. Please be patient.

AurorInTraining written on 10/04/07 16:16

Well wishes to everyone applied. I personally did not apply, but everyone, the best of luck to you!

AprilPotter written on 10/04/07 17:33

I didn't apply either, but good luck to anyone who did! : )

bertiebott12 written on 10/04/07 18:47

Good luck, other applicants! The mods we have now are so awesome, so they must make good choices. ;)

I'm goin to be gone for a few days now, so my posting may be a bit limited.

Good luck again, and thank you, mods, for considering mine and everyone else's applications.

dancingcarrot21 written on 10/04/07 19:18

Good luck applicants! I’ve got not chance, but I know some of you do! : D


bertiebott12 written on 10/06/07 13:21

I don't think that we have any scary mods, and that they will hire any. Stupid me, I typoed celebrated. Is typoed even a word?

crazy_purple_hp_freak written on 10/06/07 16:28


*sprays good luck fairy mist*

I didn't apply this time round, but I'm rooting for all you guys! <3

Hansolohpfrk written on 10/09/07 5:28

*bites nails in anticipation*

This is like waiting for the gun in a race! *headdesk*

Good luck to all that applied!

I feel bad for putting this all on you guys, modlies. Thanks for giving us this opportunity! =)


Phia Phoenix written on 10/11/07 6:45

Well I won't wish good luck to everybody, because only three people, in the end, will get it. But I hope those three people are Abbi, Hanni (these two are so nice and made me awesome banners!) and Tash (because she wants to know whether the mods in queue hold boxes and dance to salsa music... another of those queer dreams)

But seriously. They're just the three that I know who're trying out. I know that whoever's chosen will be great, and I wish them a great time as mods! Cheers!


Pottergirl written on 10/11/07 17:09

Schmergo, I have to agree with you! I AM TERRIFIED OF THE MODS!!! lol In the way of wacked out dreams, there was this one of Daniel Radcliffe transferring to my school, and I had to show him around... anyway, Bon Courage!! (Good Luck) :D

Potterphile12 written on 10/11/07 18:05

Terrified of us? Why? We're not so bad. Well, the rest of the mods aren't so bad. I can't really speak for myself.


Just kidding!

Stubbornly_appeared written on 10/11/07 21:57

The tension mounts! Good luck to all!

babekitty_92 written on 10/11/07 23:10

Okay well now my knees are quaking in anticipation! And I won't find out until Sunday/Monday because of the time differences! SIGH.

Meh... Good luck once again to everyone who applied! And thanks so much Phia, that's so sweet of you :D

Abbi :)

Pondering written on 10/12/07 2:11

Good luck to all the applicants. :D I'm sure whoever is chosen will do a great job. :) -Tash