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Quicksilver Quills 2007

by Bethany/Marauder by Midnight @ 08/20/07 22:08  
It's time for the second annual Quicksilver Quill Awards!

Last year's awards had been a success, and MuggleNet Fan Fiction moderators have decided to hold the Quicksilver Quills 2007, or QSQs 2007.

For those of you who were not with us last year, the Quicksilver Quills is our way of honouring outstanding stories, authors, reviewers, betas, and artists.

There will be seventeen categories this year in which you can win an award in. Rules and further information will be posted in our beta forums in about a week's time.

The categories are as follows:

Best General Story Best Dark/Angsty Story Best Humor Story Best Romance - Canon Story Best Romance - Non-canon Story Best Romance - Canon Character/Original Character Story Best Alternate Universe Story Best Poetry Best Marauders' Era Story Best Post-Hogwarts Story Best Same-Sex Pairing Story Best History/Mystery Story Best Beta Reader Best Artist Best Male Other Character Best Female Other Character Best Reviewer

Nominations will open on September 1, 2007 and close September 14, 2007. Winners will be announced on October 31, 2007.

Until then, start thinking about who and what should be nominated!

FreddyMyLove written on 08/21/07 2:44

Interesting~ :)
First comment! Yay~

Silver Whisper written on 08/21/07 3:57

hmmm...sounds good! i already some authors i might nominate in mind!

Tweak written on 08/21/07 3:57


Bookwormy written on 08/21/07 5:02

yay! sounds interesting...and my exams will be over by then! :D

Madam Puddifoot written on 08/21/07 6:28

Woooooo hoooo!

Dumbledore Prince written on 08/21/07 6:45

Yay! This is a pleasant surprise; I wasn't expecting it so soon.

harry_victoria written on 08/21/07 8:05

Woop woop! Wow, that seems so interesting, I cant wait to vote!

Helios Sol written on 08/21/07 8:25

Cool. I know exactly who I'll be nominating.

harry_victoria written on 08/21/07 9:08

Can you nominate yourself *not that I will!!!!!!*

Grimmrook written on 08/21/07 10:27

I am assuming that a story that has already been nominated last year is out of contention this year?

Grimmrook written on 08/21/07 10:29

For clarification, there was another site that I actually left in protest because the same authors won their monthly awards every month. It'd be nice for the new writers to enjoy some of that spotlight as well.

myownmuggle written on 08/21/07 10:40

harry_victoria: You must be nominated by other authors/readers/forum members. Please do not nominate your self - it's not appropriate or funny.
Grimmrook: A story that was NOMINATED last year can be nominated again this year, but a story that won its category last year cannot win again this year. The same author could win with a different story though. Complete rules will be posted on the Beta Boards when nominations open up.

Prongs92 written on 08/21/07 10:47

That's cool!

Grimmrook written on 08/21/07 11:02

Cool. Thanks myownmuggle.

MJ_Padfoot written on 08/21/07 11:20

So excited! I missed out on doing this last year. It's going to be fun! Thanks for holding it again MFF! Ya'll rock me socks! ~MJ

written on 08/21/07 12:53

Can you nominate a story that's by a modauthor or are they exempt from these?

Marauder by Midnight written on 08/21/07 13:56

Lily Roxy - Moderators will not be allowed to win the QSQs. This is the time for other authors to shine. Moderators will most likely be hosting their own QSQs sometime :) Rules will be posted in due time.

Idiot of ravenclaw written on 08/21/07 15:19

how do we nominate an author?

Idiot of ravenclaw written on 08/21/07 15:21

can one nominate more than one author?

Dory Notell written on 08/21/07 17:09

i geuss i'd better hurry up and get my story posted so that i have a chance at being nominated