Automatic Rejections
Please note that submissions to multiple categories or those to the Romance category will be deleted without notice. Please submit to only one category and select a Romance subcategory.

Thank you.
Posted by Anasuya on 08/13/07 11:37 (83 Comments)

They ignored the first warning????
- GinnyPotter808 on 08/13/07 11:39
If I submit a story to General Fics, will it be rejected?
- Prongs92 on 08/13/07 11:44
General Fics is a category of its own. Romance is not.

I personally deleted six stories this morning submitted to romance - some just to the romance category and some to multiple categories. There was a warning posted earlier. This is in the submission rules. It wastes valuable time that could be spent modding having to send a rejection notice to each of this stories. Hence, no more notices for this violation.

- Phoenix5225 on 08/13/07 12:02
I think tostop this it would help if the mods changed the submission page slightly, as above the cat selection box is says that multiple cats can be chosen, and that's probably where people are getting confused.


- dumbledorefluertwins on 08/13/07 12:27
Unfortunately, that appears to be a part of the software MNFF uses, which we cannot change. That's why in big bold red print directly above that, it says fics may only be submitted to one category.
- Phoenix5225 on 08/13/07 12:33
I made this mistake once, but here it seems like people are doing this repeatedly... why?!
- on 08/13/07 12:41
Because they need to actually READ THE NEW BULLETINS.
- magic_child on 08/13/07 12:57
OOPS!! thats why my story got rejected.... oh well
- hexgirl6193 on 08/13/07 13:39
Okay, let me get this straight: we are only allowed to submit one story per category for fan fiction. Is that right? I think that it is. I don't want to make that mistake again. I did it once without realizing it. Oops! ~MJ
- MJ_Padfoot on 08/13/07 13:39
My fic got rejected once because of that. I didn't read the big, bold, red print *smiles sheepishly* But that was a long time ago.

Althought I wonder: is it me or do the romance fics and other kinds of fics get validated more quickly? I submitted my new fic 9 days ago (tomorrow is the 10th!) in the humor section and it hasn't been validated nor rejected as of yet.

Also, I'd like to ask: After the 10 days period passes, what e-mail address we send the e-mail to? Thank you!
- katrin4p on 08/13/07 13:45
katrin4p, the mod time varies based on the category and how busy the category mod is. Sometimes they will fly through, sometimes it will take awhile. If it's more than 10 days, find which mod has the cat you submitted to (you can find this under the staff link to the left) and click on contact. That will send an email to the appropriate address. Just a reminder though, if you have edited your story since you submitted it, it will be based off the date you edited, not the date of your original submission.

MJ, you can have one chapter of a story in the queue at a time, up to a maximum of two stories. This was created to allow challenge submissions basically.

- Phoenix5225 on 08/13/07 14:43
OK maybe i'm a computer idiot but perhaps redesigning the access to the subcatigories might be a good idea instead of having to mess with all those drop down arrows and pressing 2 buttons at once to get it to actually select said catigory. Why not just have it to where you have a list of catigories and their sub catigories and click on the one you want/ need for example Romance you click on that and it presents you with a list not a drop down arrow+ list and all you have to do is click on he sub catigory not press like i sad 2 different buttons to actually select a sub catigory? Oh and improving/ adding instructions might help as well.
- moony101 on 08/13/07 17:20
Ok, everyone. Maybe we wouldn't get in this kind of trouble if you just READ THE NEWS! Seriously, it comes up right when you go onto MNFF. So, pay attention!!!

- harry_victoria on 08/13/07 17:26
We have to work with the limitations on the software we use here at MNFF. Rather than continually looking for alternatives and solutions to fixing those limitations, it would serve all of our members better if the submission rules were reviewed periodically. They're easy to find and quite clear - take a few minutes and look them over before submitting a story to the archive. It may save you the hassle of rejection.
- myownmuggle on 08/13/07 18:20
EXACTLY! Thank you myownmuggle, someone understands!!! :D
- harry_victoria on 08/13/07 19:28
I realize that Post-Hogwarts is the absolute busiest of the categories right now. And I know that the sweeper mods are starting to get some of those stories.
So, the question: I submitted a Post-Hogwarts fic about ten days ago and it has yet to be validated. Should I contact nightfall00 or should I contact a sweeper mod?

- Indigoenigma on 08/13/07 22:23
Just a question: what's a sweeper mod?
- katrin4p on 08/14/07 2:58
Katrin, a sweeper Mod is where a Mod looks at different categories basically to help the other Mods out. So for instance if you and I were mods and I mainly modded L/J and you were a sweeper, if I needed some help you could help me mod it.
Does that make sense?
And I agree - read the rules, they're clear and consise and it only takes a moment.
Abbi :)
- babekitty_92 on 08/14/07 7:06
Ah I get it now! Thank you! :D (And yes, it made sense (obviously))
- katrin4p on 08/14/07 7:35
Indigoenigma - Seeing as how you've let all the moderators know by posting here, you're fine ;) Post-Hogwarts is a top-priority to sweepers now.

For the record, since I'm not listed on the Staff page for some reason, all issues with the Alternate Universe category should contact me.
- Marauder by Midnight on 08/14/07 10:06
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