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Deathly Hallows Spoiler Policy

by Anasuya @ 08/09/07 9:14  
The ban on Deathly Hallows spoilers has been lifted. Spoilers are now allowed in usernames, avatars, signatures, graphics and other such things on the forums. Also, they are permitted in summaries and titles on the archive.

Thanks for your patience!
I_LUV_MOONY written on 08/09/07 9:18

So does this mean we can put spoilers in our bios?

Marauder by Midnight written on 08/09/07 9:21

I_Luv_Moony - Yes.

SiriusBlack1113 written on 08/09/07 9:42

YES!!!!! Finally!

LilykinsLove written on 08/09/07 9:55

WOOT! Thanks, mods!!

Jameswys written on 08/09/07 10:19


Just Tink written on 08/09/07 11:05


R_Ravenclaw written on 08/09/07 11:38


Vindictus Viridian written on 08/09/07 12:09

But still use the warning label on your story submissions, gang. It's just polite. Good thing I read the book (immediately)!

Idiot of ravenclaw written on 08/09/07 12:12

mad awesome!!!

GeniousesInOrange written on 08/09/07 12:16


All_things_fiction written on 08/09/07 12:17

Yay! Perfect! Great! Cool! Best!

GinnyPotter808 written on 08/09/07 12:47


shaz1970 written on 08/09/07 15:15

wow the book was soo good! who agrees with me? looking forward to reading your new submissions!! - Shannon

written on 08/09/07 18:46

YES!!! I would never intentionally spoil someone, but keeping secrets annoys me and this is just a weight off my chest. Thanks so much mods!!! *huggles*

Bookwormy written on 08/10/07 1:45

COOL!!!!!! I'll just go n edit my bio, lol. though i hope soemone who hasnt read the book doesnt read it. :(

SiriusOrSeverus written on 08/10/07 13:38

'Bout time :P! Woo, go MuggleNet! Or, well, MNFF. Whatever. This is awesome!

Ronsgrl95 written on 08/10/07 15:30

woohoo! thanks mugglenet!

Jameswys written on 08/10/07 18:07

What are the rules on quotes in your Bios or signatures on the forum. Can there be swearing if it comes directly out of the books? (Mrs. Weasley's quote to be exact)

Harry Horcrux written on 08/10/07 20:09

This is great!!! Spoilers here we come!

Harry Horcrux written on 08/10/07 20:15

This is great!!! Spoilers here we come!