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Submission Rules

by Magical Maeve @ 07/27/07 4:03  
Just a quick note to all our new authors who may not be as familiar with the workings of the site as our old hands.

Please make sure you read the submission rules carefully before you even think about submitting your chapter. We have rules about things like chapter word count that some of you are not following. Our other major issue at the moment is category submissions. We are seeing a lot of multi-category submissions and submissions to categories that are master categories rather than actual categories - mainly the Romance category.

For those struggling with romance category selection here's a quick run through(although this is also relevant to other categories, but it's romance we are having the most issues with). Highlight the romance category in the category selection drop down menu. Once you have done that the drop down menu will change and reveal all the romance sub-categories. You then need to click on the drop down menu and select the appropriate sub-category. Only when the sub-category is highlighted in the catgeory selection box do you hit select. There should now be a category in the larger box below the drop down menu. If there is more than one category showing then you have done it incorrectly and you need to clear the form and start again.

Please help us to help you. It takes time to reject stories that are incorrectly submitted, time that could be spent on stories that are where they should be. If we all work together the queue should be a happy place for us all to be. :-)
harry_victoria written on 07/27/07 9:01

yay! Sounds good to me... 1st?

Prongs92 written on 07/27/07 11:33

Lol, this really sounds like it's referring to me, because yesterday I submitted a story and it was rejected because the moderator thought it was more appropriate for a different category.

thetriorocks written on 07/27/07 11:46

i will keep this in mind

MJ_Padfoot written on 07/27/07 15:54

It's referring to me too. I forgot that it's only one story per category for the queue. I'm really, really, really sorry if I drove anyone up the wall with doing that. ~MJ

GinnyPotter808 written on 07/27/07 17:05

I'll keep this in mind. Except grammar is more of my problem....

sayiansirius written on 07/27/07 19:11

GinnyPotter808 I'd suggest you join the forums and you can get a beta for your grammar problems. :) There're dozens of skilled betas.

myownmuggle written on 07/27/07 20:55

I will take the risk of repeating what Magical Maeve has said and implore all users/authors to carefully review the submission rules and the instructions she has posted. Ignorance is not an excuse for not submitting your stories properly - mulitple category submissions are not permitted; no more than two chapters of two different stories in two different categories at the same time are permitted. Contact a moderator if you have questions about the submission process rather than deliberately ignoring the site's policies.

PolkaDotted written on 07/27/07 22:08

hey, just wanted to give you mods props on running a g-reat site here. the organization is awesome and i love that you don't just accept any old fic into the database. i was over on hpff the other day and it was a mess..i couldn't find a story i wanted to read and when i searched for lily/james, stories about bellatrix and others came up.


A Cappella written on 07/27/07 22:30

Thank you for clearing this up for us newbies! I interpreted the category-placing process wrongly. You have my deepest apologies.

jenny b written on 07/28/07 2:20

Yeah, I tried that with my first story ... *hangs head sheepishly* then when it was rejected the mod told me to read the submission rules, so I did, and realised the one-category thing. I would also like to agree with PolkaDotted, you mods do a brilliant job!

son_of_salazar13 written on 07/28/07 10:01

ok, i MADE SURE that i put everything where it was needed and i got rejected(not complaining, fic was badly written) then i made the submission again after getting a Beta reader and i waited, and waited and waited for almost a month or more and still i had not recieved any email whether validated or not. so today, i checked the Manage Stories section of my account info and there was nothing there. i would like to point out this serious mistake on your bahalf because it caused me stress and trouble.

Phoenix5225 written on 07/28/07 11:28

son_of_salazar - this was not a SEROUS MISTAKE on any mod's behalf. If your story had been in queue for more than ten days, you are free to contact the moderator of that category and find out about your story. Sometimes email filters out mugglenet emails and lists them as junk emails. If it took you a month to worry about checking whether the story had been validated or not, it obviously didn't cause you any stress or trouble. If you had checked it and noticed it was gone, when the forums reopen, there is a thread for people who might not have gotten a rejection letter which you might try posting in. Having a beta does not guarentee a story's acceptance. If your beta wasn't PI accredited, or you refuse to make changes your beta suggested, or even if the problem in your story is not an area your beta specializes in, there could still be reasons why the chapter was not of the quality Mugglenet accepts. Reread it to make sure it was of THE highest quality possible, resubmit it, and if you haven't heard anything in a week, or if your story vanishes before that and you haven't heard anything, be proactive and contact someone.

harry_victoria written on 07/29/07 7:06

hmm... sort of helped! thanks Phoenix5225, I had my story in queue for about 5-6 days now, nobody's responded :( Oh well. Let's wait a couple more days, and see what happens.

Marauder by Midnight written on 07/29/07 9:20

Please note that when you edit your story/chapter while it is still in queue, your story is RESUBMITTED and the number of days it has been in queue, for moderators, is back down to zero. That means, think twice before you submit your story; avoid editing it once it's in queue.

lily_evans34 written on 07/29/07 11:17

Sorry for any redundancy, but I would just like to point out that certain categories get MANY more submissions than others per week. If you've submitted something to one of the more popular categories, you're still welcome to contact the moderator of that category if your chapter's been in the queue for over ten days, but please be as patient as possible. Thanks for your cooperation everyone. :)

Tingle written on 07/29/07 18:55

referring to me for sure, ive been having lots of promblems with my story,sorry for all the trouble!

Dory Notell written on 07/29/07 19:16

thanx for the advice i'm planning on submitting a story (my first!) soon

Trixie Vixie written on 07/30/07 2:02

*Blushes* I would really like to apoligize to all the Moderators for my story's troubles and my misunderstanding of the rules the first time trying to submit my chapter. You guys have really been great and I appreaciate your filtering of the stories, orgnization and all your hard work. Heres to the Mods!

Trixie Vixie

harry_victoria written on 07/30/07 9:19

uh what mod do you contact for the Post-Hogwarts category?? Please someone reply!!

AprilPotter written on 07/30/07 10:31

The first time I attempted to submit something, it was rejected 'cause of this rule. It's good to know about it! Thanx! : )