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Open for Business

by Anasuya @ 07/24/07 11:40  
The queue is now open and we are accepting submissions once again!

You'll notice that you can select two new warnings when submitting stories: Book 7 Disregarded and DH Spoilers. The B7D warning is only is you're disregarding elements of DH. If you're creating a plot that's completely different, where different characters live and die, please submit to AU instead.

For the DH Spoiler warning, please refrain from using it until August 1. We will not be accepting submissions containing DH spoilers until that time. Anything that does not comply will be automatically rejected.

Please remember that the regular submission rules still apply, so in your haste to put up new material, please be sure that you're only submitting one chapter at a time and also that you're submitting your best work.

Happy writing!
PolkaDotted written on 07/24/07 11:43

yesssssssssssssssss :]

potterscouse written on 07/24/07 11:53


gryffindor_girl101 written on 07/24/07 11:56


written on 07/24/07 12:03

Whoo! I just started a new story too, and sent in the Prologue! I'm excited!

Trixie Vixie written on 07/24/07 12:14

Alas, the wait is over! Thank you, Mugglenet and I hope everyone enjoyed the book.

StaceyLC written on 07/24/07 12:25

Okay, I have a question. If we wrote (or started writing) our own Book 7 before "Deathly Hallows" came out, should we use the DH Disregarded warning, or just leave it alone?

Disappearance_26 written on 07/24/07 12:43

YEEEEEEEEEY!!!!! Dave was dying to be back! *giggles* Alas! Thanks for everything Mugglenet! :D

Phoenix5225 written on 07/24/07 12:45

Stacey, I'm going to use a warning because I don't want reviews saying, "Hey, did you know so-and-so's patronus was a thingy?" I would use it for a WIP. Beth is also putting on her chapters "This is canon compliant as of *date*. Anything not canon after DH will not be changed."

Air Elemental written on 07/24/07 12:47

Wahey! Let's get writing! :D

FounderDisagreement written on 07/24/07 13:00

Yes!!!!! I had just started writing my story, and then I realised the queue was closed. I'll finally be able to submit it! Go me!

Pussycat123 written on 07/24/07 13:03

What about if you ALREADY have a fic up, but for whatever reason it's no longer canon - like, if you've used a character in a Post-Hogwarts fic, but it's turned out that that character actually died in DH so CAN'T plausibly be in your fic anymore? Should you put AU or B7D? Just clearing things up. =D

Magical Maeve written on 07/24/07 13:06

We are already seeing Deathly Hallows-based fics in queue with spoilers. The site traffic is heavy both here and on our parent site Mugglenet at the moment and submitting stories that are in clear contravention of site policy is not helping anyone. Please, if your story has DH spoilers do not use bandwidth in your impatience to submit Wait until the deadline expires. If this continues we may well start deleting spoiler-based fictions without a letter in order to avoid using more of the site's resources than are absolutely necessary. Thank you. :-)

If you already have a fic up that is complete before the release of DH you need do nothing. If you have a work in progress you need a B7D. If it is a new fic you need to make it AU if it is not canon compliant with 7.

FounderDisagreement written on 07/24/07 13:51

Yes!!!!! I had just started writing my story, and then I realised the queue was closed. I'll finally be able to submit it! Go me!

Indigoenigma written on 07/24/07 13:52

I have one issue. Somehow, my computer won't let me chose a category. It keeps saying that I have to choose a sub-category. My problem is that I'm chosing Maurader Era - there is NO sub-category for that.
Anyone got any ideas on how to fix this one?

Angela_Prongs written on 07/24/07 13:59

I have a question!

I already have a story up, and I want to include DH spoilers in it. Can I change the warnings so that there's a DH Spoiler warning?

Marauder by Midnight written on 07/24/07 14:00

Indigioenigma, if it's still happening, please log out and log back in. That may be all it takes to clear the problem. :)

This is another note that you MUST read our rules of submission before submitting. Just deleted five stories that submitted in multiple categories.

Marauder by Midnight written on 07/24/07 14:01

Do not use the DH spoiler warning until after August 1. If there will be spoilers in your story, wait until after August 1 to post the chapter(s) that contain spoilers.

written on 07/24/07 14:01

Yes! Wooooohooooo!! MNFF back in business!!

the_awesome_one written on 07/24/07 14:01

FINALLY!!!! yea!!! LOVE you people who fixed it when it wasn't working earlier today!!!!!! PEACE OUT!

Phoenix5225 written on 07/24/07 14:03

Angela_Prongs, as stated in the post, the policy posted a few weeks ago, and the comments above yours, you CANNOT! put any DH spoilers in ANY story until August 1.