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Last Words

by Elysa @ 07/17/07 19:18  
Deathly Hallows is a few short days away, as is the (temporary) closing of our queue. Therefore, and in light of this being such an intensely emotional time for devout HP fans, we here at MuggleNet Fan Fiction feel rather compelled to say something wise and profound for your comfort. As such, we leave you to embark on this one final ride with Harry armed with the most significant words we, or anyone, could ever utter:

Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

And may Merlin, like our thoughts and condolences, be with you.


Albus Dumbledore
The MNFF Staff
boomerbird10 written on 07/17/07 19:20

OMC! I can't wait...

AurorGirl101 written on 07/17/07 19:23

Too you as well! I can't wait!

MissPurplePen written on 07/17/07 19:40

You guys are seriously about to make me cry.



PolkaDotted written on 07/17/07 19:44

back atcha =D

Dara written on 07/17/07 19:46

OMG, for a sec I thought you meant permanently!

LUV2READ written on 07/17/07 19:53

OH MY GOSH!!! I'm soooooo excited! I am seriously sitting around all day going '3 more days...3 more days..." I totally cannot wait! YES!!

Yet, it is kind of sad, to think that the series I grew up with is coming to an end...*sigh* *sob* *tear*

ickle duddykins written on 07/17/07 20:07


That was beautiful, thank you for your kind and comforting words.

Seriously though. What will I do once the book is finished? What are you all planning on doing? I suppose I'll just hide in my closet and cry until I die of dehydration. Then someone will find my and say "Jeeeeez, it's just a book" and I'll start all over again. They just don't get it, do they!?!?!? You guys do though!!!

blackhairedweasley written on 07/17/07 20:10

I honestly cannot say how much this site has done for me, both as a fan and a writer. You've given me much more than any English or Writing class I've ever taken. Because of this site, I now know about plot and character development, I have better punctuation and grammar, and I am a million times more confident.

But that's not all. Through this site I have made many friends, most of which I'll know for a long time, even after the Potter craze is long gone, and even after this site shuts down. (God forbid! What would we do with ourselves?!)

I cannot begin to thank you all enough! You should be proud in the work you moderators do, and the encouragement you constantly give us.


- Jacie the Cat

red haired mom written on 07/17/07 20:20

Don’t know whether to laugh or not. Are you guys (and gals) – a bit mad?
Seriously, you would think that after this many years with the books, that it would keep on going forever. I can only hope that after Deathly Hallows is read and discussed a million times in every house in every country, on every continent, etc, that MNFF and the fan-fictions will still be here and we can all continue the stories in our own unique ways. Thanks for giving us a place to read and write our versions.

x_GinnyPotter_x written on 07/17/07 20:29

Those are quite honestly the most comforting words I have heard in a long time. Excited as I am for DH to be released, it is sad to think there aren't any more to look forward to. But at least Dumbles can give us words of comfort long after July 21st =]

hendrix88 written on 07/17/07 20:30

Very deep! I can't believe it's the last book. I'm counting down the hours, but I don't want the series to end!

written on 07/17/07 20:46

Four wonderful words, don't you think? Woohoo for the next, and sadly, the last installment!!!

Hermiones_Revenge written on 07/17/07 20:48

Same to you!

AccioRon written on 07/17/07 20:53

Man, it just hit me really...the end. That was really great to read but I think I am now going to go off and cry...

Plagued_Pirate written on 07/17/07 21:00

wow i think i'm the only guy posting but hey i can say i love this book series and cant believe that it really is coming to a close.I have read many a great story and even though i havent written one on this site i've thought many a tale in my head. ando on the off chance that the big boss lady writer person is reading this i wish she would consider making another harry potter continuing life for Harry's kids, wouldn't that be interesting?

You all are great writers and i hope to pick up one of your books someday and say WOW i knew some of their first works.

Love you all, C. Mitchell

P.S. Have fun reading!

P.S.S. You may think i'm like 24 for all these deep words but i'm really 10 years younger haha.

KASK written on 07/17/07 21:12

Hehe, I found those words very condoling. Thanks guys! I love it here, and will be staying LONG after the book. You'll literally have to pry me away.


izzyblue24 written on 07/17/07 21:13

oh m god. the end. it's going to be over. this is probably the most horrible and wonderful thing ever. may mine and many others bookshelfs still have a special place for all Harry Potter books for ever and for always.

Harry Potter rules and always will. ~izzyblue24

PhysicalGraffiti written on 07/17/07 21:29

Jacie, thank you so much for your comment. It really, truly touched me. With a job like ours, we don't get recognition or pats on the back very often. But I can sincerely say your comments were one of those rare, sparkling moments for me. Much love, my dear boy, much love indeed. :)

Everyone: Just remember one thing: fan fiction raises the dead, puts wind in the sails of supposedly sunken ships, allows characters a second chance to make a choice, allows the writer to explore the path of "what if?" and acts as the best Time Turner any of us will ever have. And so, in the end, through the end, we will all forever have the magic of fan fiction. I pray that, if you remember nothing else, come July 21, you'll remember that.


sayiansirius written on 07/17/07 22:12

I completely agree with you. As sad as it may be, there will be so many "what if's" that I think fan fiction will thrive more than ever.

To everyone else, yes, it has been a very fun and good ride, but I honestly can say that I think it will continue past DH. Do not give up just because it's the end of the Potter series. I doubt that it's going to be the end of fan fiction. Even so, I think after DH, many people will have so much to write about. It's not ending...this is just the beginning of the end. Cliche, I know, but it's true. I forbid anyone to stop writing! *hugs* :D

suckr4romance written on 07/17/07 22:27

And with you also. And fan fiction, I think, will stay with me no matter what happens in Deathly Hallows, even though I planned at ifrst on quitting fan fiction when it's over. But it's too big a part of me! Love to all--enjoy the midnight magic, or however you choose to celebrate the final installment. *Christine