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New Mods!

by Anasuya @ 07/04/07 15:30  
As you all know, the release of Deathly Hallows is fast appraoching and as such, we at MNFF know that we will be facing a very busy time. Knowing that, we decided to take on a few new moderators to help us through this busy time. Our staff selected from the talented pool of authors we have here and have hired three new mods:

Ritta- mgle_teacher
Elle- Sly Severus
Gina- Gmariam

Congratulations and good luck ladies!

And for the rest of you, don't fret. We're constantly growing, so look out for a site-wide hiring in the near future!
nikkiolapotter written on 07/04/07 15:32

Congratulations! (sp?) You all are going to make loverly mods. *huggles* :D

Mind Games written on 07/04/07 15:34

Yay, new mods! I'm very pleased to see some Ravenclaws and SPEW members. Good luck as mods! *squishes*

MJ_Padfoot written on 07/04/07 15:38

Congrats 'Claws! (see above by Mind Games) I wish you the best of luck!

megan_lupin written on 07/04/07 15:45

Congratulations! I'm sure you will all do wonderful jobs!


nikkiolapotter written on 07/04/07 15:47

Congratulations! (sp?) You all are going to make loverly mods. *huggles* :D

Gin_Drinka written on 07/04/07 16:16

Yeah, congratulations! You'll make wonderful mods!

Ronsgrl95 written on 07/04/07 17:06

cool! congrats! *Huggles* you all will do great!

ickle duddykins written on 07/04/07 17:16

Welcome :o)

I really have no idea what mods do, but I here a lot about them and it sounds like a great job. Congratulations and I hope you enjoy the experience.

ickle duddykins

Flaming_Fawkes written on 07/04/07 17:21

Congragulations! I know that all of you will be great mods!

nysuperstarz written on 07/04/07 17:30

Yay! Elle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And Gina!!!!!!


YAY for new modlies!

I <3 you guys!

pheonix_song_719 written on 07/04/07 17:43

Congrats all!

_Ivy_ written on 07/04/07 17:59

*squishes new mods* Congrats! Good luck with the queue!


whittyleah written on 07/04/07 18:09

YAY! A SPEWer and a BAer! Congrats guys! *hugs* Have fun in the Queue. And I give you some advice I got from an older mod when I became a mod: "Don't smell the Queue!" *shudders* ;)


Red and Gold written on 07/04/07 18:15

Congratulations to our three new Mods - I know you'll all do an amazing job!

Look out - more Turnips in the Queue! *giggles*

*hugs and squishes Modlies*

Phoenix5225 written on 07/04/07 18:40

I have to throw in my two knuts and say that I am thrilled with this fantastic group of new mods. Their qualifications are nothing short of amazing. Welcome aboard, loves!

Hermione_Rocks written on 07/04/07 21:30

Yay Elle! I know you'll make Slytherin proud. Congrats to the others too!! *huggles*

babekitty_92 written on 07/05/07 3:56

Concrats to the three of you! I'm sure Elle will do us Slyth's proud!

miss padfoot written on 07/05/07 5:02

Congrats new Mods! =D 'Tis great to see a SPEWer there!

Winged Artemis written on 07/05/07 10:50

Congrats, guys! I'm sure Gina, Elle, and Ritta will be great mods!

crazy_purple_hp_freak written on 07/05/07 12:28

ZOMGRITTA! ZOMGELLE! ZOMGGINA! You guys are going to be such amazing mods ... CONGRATUMULATIONS! *hugs and throws confetti*

~Suzie <333