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Deathly Hallows Release Policies

by Elysa @ 06/27/07 21:18  

Hello everyone! Well, I'm sure you lot don't need reminding, so as we all very well know, the final installment of the Harry Potter series comes out July 21. *Allows pause for site-wide squee'ing* Naturally, we here at MNFF are hard at work preparing for said release, and we've recently decided precisely how we'll be handling it. Please read carefully, as we cannot stress enough how fundamentally crucial this information is to both authors and readers alike.

  1. MuggleNet Fan Fiction will be closed from July 19 thru July 23. To be clear: this means that the queue will be closed and we will not be accepting any submissions, nor will we be readily available to assist users in any capacity, from 12:00 midnight the morning of July 19th thru 11:59 p.m. the night of the 23rd. Therefore, the queue will reopen at midnight, July 24th. Please note that stories already validated and posted on the site will be available to read during this time. Only the queue is closing.
  2. When MNFF reopens the queue for submissions on July 24, it will be with a strict NO SPOILERS policy. This means that expressing and/or writing about anything that transpires in Deathly Hallows will not be permitted in the stories themselves, in author profiles, summaries, banners, "clever" e-mail addresses, or graphics/expressions of any kind. Spoilers include plot twists, characters' deaths, romantic developments-- anything and everything. A user discovered to have posted any spoiler in any part of his/her profile or story will have their account deleted and banned on both MNFF and the main site, MuggleNet.com. Do not even allude to a spoiler, as we will count this as directly stating one. For example: If one part of your profile says "I ship Luna/Neville!" and another part says "My ship finally sailed!" That is a spoiler. We cannot express how seriously we are taking this. ANY breach of this policy and your ability to so much as view any part of MuggleNet will be permanently withdrawn.
  3. Starting on August 1, and no sooner, we will begin to allow spoilers in STORIES ONLY. Expressing a Deathly Hallows spoiler in a banner, profile, story title, or summary will still be prohibitied and punished with a permanent ban. August 1 only means that authors can begin working the events of DH into their stories, and/or writing new fan fictions based off the events of DH. However-- stories that contain any sort of DH spoiler must wear a Deathly Hallows Spoiler Warning. (This warning will become available for use under the "warnings" category beginning August 1, so it will not be viewable/available before then.)
  4. We will alert everyone, via news post, when it is okay to begin expressing spoilers freely: i.e., in profiles, summaries, banners, etc. However, this will not be for a while. Do NOT take it upon yourself to decide when enough time has passed, or you will be subject to a permanent ban. Our enforcement of the above policies will be just as strict and unforgiving a month after the release as a week after the release.

    A separate but very similar policy for our Beta Forums is still being ironed out, but we feel confident in saying that the forums will remain open (even when the queue is closed between the 19th and 23rd) in some capacity. We'll be reporting the full details on that very shortly, so stay tuned.

    In closing, we urge everyone to exercise caution and compassion throughout and following the upcoming release of Deathly Hallows; not just here at MuggleNet, but wherever you might go, on-line or otherwise. We enjoy a good laugh as much as the next person, but please realize that spoiling the end of a long-lived series such as Harry Potter for fans who've spent years waiting for the end is anything but funny. It is only rude, hurtful, and a terribly pitiful display of immaturity. For those who would not even consider spoiling the book for someone else (because we know the great majority of you never would): we beg that you pay extra close attention in all your communications on MNFF so that you do not unintentionally let a secret slip. Furthermore, while we will do everything in our power to keep the secrets of the last book safe and off our site, it is perfectly possible that something might slip through the cracks before we catch it. As such, we advise that anyone who has not finished the book and is truly worried about being spoiled, simply not visit ours or any other Harry Potter related site until you have, indeed, finished it.

    As always, thank you all for taking the time to read this extensive post. Please do not hesitate to contact one of us with any questions, comments, or concerns you might have. Happy writing!

PEMDAS written on 06/27/07 21:55

In what time zone will the queue reopen at midnight? EST, I'm assuming? Or is it GMT, Central, Mountain, or Pacific time?

ickle duddykins written on 06/27/07 22:07

I'm glad the rules are strict and the punishments are harsh. I ave yet to decide whether I will want to power through DH as quickly as possible or take my time, but it's good to know that I won't have to cut out MNFF for the days I spend reading.

Thanks everyone for taking the spoiler threat seriously, I (and I'm sure every other fan out there) appreciate it.

:o) ,


fuzz_nose written on 06/27/07 22:07

I think that this is a good idea. I'll be in Russia when the book comes out, and I'll only be able to read it 9 days later, and I was obviously really upset when I found out, but I figured that I'd have to stay away from fanfiction and mugglenet and any potter-site till I read it because I would just about die if the book was spoiled for me. So it's good (for me) that they won't be allowing spoilers here for a while.
I also think that it's a good idea with the whole closing down a couple of days before and after the release of DH because the MNFF staff deserves a break to party and/or cry about DH like the rest of us- they're diehard fans too! Also, a lot of authors could get new plot ideas from DH that aren't spoilers (what i mean is plot ideas that are inspired by DH, not taken directly from it) so my guess is that a lot of people would be submitting stuff and that could overwealm the staff.
Anyways, this a great idea!

PhysicalGraffiti written on 06/27/07 22:09

Good question, PEMDAS. Yes, this is all in the EST timezone. And you're quite welcome, ickle duddykins. :) I'm not sure I'll be powering through it either. <3

Misdemeanor1331 written on 06/27/07 22:21

I really respect and appreciate these rules. It means a lot to me (and all other hardcore HP fans out there, I assume) that I'm not the only one taking this release seriously. Thanks so much for looking out for us!
Much love!!

PhysicalGraffiti written on 06/27/07 22:25

Good question, PEMDAS. Yes, this is all in the EST timezone. And you're quite welcome, ickle duddykins. :) I'm not sure I'll be powering through it either. <3

MJ_Padfoot written on 06/27/07 22:28

*squeee* I cannot wait for the book! But then again, who can? Thanks for keeping us die hardcore fans contained without ruining it for everyone. Instead, we all should do our HP Parties and Muggle gatherings for this book and keep the secrets of the book to ourselves. It's going to be an awesome book and I will disappear from MFF and M-Net for DH! Harry Reading...errs...Happy reading. LOL! ~MJ

moony101 written on 06/27/07 23:00

Ok maybe i'm an idiot this is going to be that big of a deal that they had to post rules on it?
* yet wonders how many authors will be left after they're done enforcing them*

written on 06/27/07 23:54

Nothing to do with the rules,but you guys make the ending of HP seem so real. I think I was in denial.
-sigh- So sad now.
But thanks for making sure no one spoils this for us. We've been waiting years.

DMTAT003 written on 06/27/07 23:55

As a fan of the Harry Potter series, I thank you for your concern about the fans. Thank you for taking spolier issues seriously.

dorrkeek written on 06/28/07 0:10

I like these rules, I would seriously think of destroying my computer if some would spoil the book for me. I know that sound a bit dramatic but geez I been reading since 5th grade it’s that important to me, strange I know but still. I’m happy that you all would go to these extremes and will follow them avidly. - Lynn

jamesnlilyforever written on 06/28/07 0:58

Thank you for making these rules. I hate spoliers, and I'm sure everybody else does, too. This give everybody a chance for everybody to take their time on the book. Thanks again!

Shellwarrior written on 06/28/07 1:25

I think these rules are a pretty good idea. I'm from Holland and if I hadn't ordered the English version of DH, I wouldn't be able to read it until November. I think it's really great that you have these strict rules :D

lady magician written on 06/28/07 3:22

Wow, look at all the bold handwriting. this is really strict, i hope evrryone follows the rules and nobody gets banned! Personally I dn't think ill get out of my room till i finish DH :-). I'm happy these rules are being enforced and on a positive note, even though we don't get to shout at the top of our lungs that 'harry marries ginny and he lives to a ripe old age, becomes minister of magic, and has 12 children!', we'll have lots of time for plot bunnies to take over in our heads and stay and ferment and get better and better. :-)..im sure when the que opens again we'll be packed with many brilliant fics.

lady magician written on 06/28/07 3:24

i think sumone needs to close the italics, ill do it :-) ..there :-)

lady magician written on 06/28/07 3:25

ok it didnt work :-/

blackhairedweasley written on 06/28/07 4:01

I know that you guys are still working out the Forum's policy, but I think for me the big concern is private messaging. See, I don't have some of the IM programs that my friends do, and I usually talk with them via PM. It's probably a no-brainer, but will we be able to talk about spoilers through PMs?

- Jacie the Cat

jenny b written on 06/28/07 4:47

That's a good idea I know what it's like to have the book ruined for you, HBP was for me because I was at a friend's house who isn't obsessed with Harry Potter and her mum read it out from the newspaper! So sad...
Anyway I read fast and will probably finish before everyone! The only person that beats me is the newspapers...

Alas123623 written on 06/28/07 5:31

Thats a good idea i wouldnt want the book spoiled for me if i hadn't finished it.

GinnyPotter808 written on 06/28/07 8:02

Ah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm afraid now. I'm realy glad the punishments are harsh. I don't want to see an unwanted spoiler, because I won't be able to read it for a couple days. I'll go crazy if anyone tells me anything. So thanks MNFF!!!