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Exchange of Information Policy

by Elysa @ 04/26/07 20:10  
Recently, numerous members of the MuggleNet Fan Fiction community have acted irresponsibly and failed to respect the privacy of personal and sensitive information. These events have inspired new policy to be considered, in regard to how much information we will allow to be exchanged over our medium. A consensus has been reached, and we have decided that the following pieces of information-- and only the following pieces of information-- may be given out freely:
  • Your real first name
  • Your birthday date
  • General location (nothing more specific than your state/province)
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your AIM/Yahoo/MSN screen name
  • Your personal website URL (not to be confused with linking to your fics on another site, which is not allowed)
Needless to say, you can continue to discuss your likes/dislikes, college major(s), musical taste, etc, in your profile. We only mean to ban the overly-personal subjects, such as exact locations, health conditions, last names, et cetera. Our site is not the proper venue for such conversations. That is why we allow the free exchange of e-mail addresses and screen names-- so that you can converse on those matters on your own terms, not ours.
Please note that this applies to both the main site (here) and our Forums. Violation of this policy will result in one warning for the first offense, but a second or third offense is grounds for a permanent ban and/or deletion of your account. Please take this seriously, as we sincerely don't want to have to take disciplinary action, and know that we enforce this only with the best intentions of protecting our beloved authors.
Feel free to contact a moderator if you have any questions. And, as always, thank you guys for your support. This site wouldn't exist without each of you.
Silver Whisper written on 04/26/07 20:23

okay, fair enough! i dont think i ever did anyway...but yeah, this makes sense and im glad its happened.

MJ_Padfoot written on 04/26/07 20:38

I'm so glad that the mods have said something about this. I was getting a little worried. Thank you mods for keeping all of us Muggles safe! MJ

written on 04/26/07 20:39

I am pleased to see that the subject has been approached seriously, discussed and addressed. There are too many real predators that lurk on the internet. As a parent, author, and forum member, I applaud your actions and thank you for taking these steps.

abbs866 written on 04/26/07 21:00

Good idea. I'm not quite comfertable with the other things being given out.

Star_Light14 written on 04/26/07 21:08

I'm really happy to see the mods taking action on this. It's really a serious issue, and I thank you very much for helping secure our protection! You guys, as always, are great!

AprilPotter written on 04/26/07 21:34

Yeah! I feel protected. I think that this was a wise choice and I hope everyone takes it as seriously as the mods did.

FriendsOfSnape written on 04/26/07 22:07

Wow, I didn't realize people weren't being that careful with that kind of stuff...I guess I'm oblivious since i'm always so vague. =P

dancingcarrot21 written on 04/26/07 23:08

This is a good policy since there are so many predators out there. People have taken this too lightly. In the forums they were giving out their email addresses left and right, even when the mods warned them various times to stop. But I'm concerned if my profile might have violated this. I mean, I don't give out my exact locations, health conditions, or last name...but I'm still concerned. I don't want to violate this serious rule.

GinnyPotter808 written on 04/27/07 6:32

Thank you! I was so worried about my privacy. I never told about myself on my profile, and neither did my sister. I'm glad those rules were passed. Wee! I'm protected!

Loralie written on 04/27/07 8:10

This was really that big a problem? Wow, I guess I never realized. Especially since I guess I know very little about my MNFF friends outside of those guidelines, and what I do know I learned over AIM, I didn't know others were giving out To Much Info. hmmm. something to think about.

Sam81609 written on 04/27/07 8:47

Hmn, I never really noticed. tells you how much I pay attention XP But anyways, go mods for taking action!

Euphrates written on 04/27/07 10:22

I'm very glad the mods are taking this seriously. The internet, anywhere, can be dangerous. You just never know. So, thank you, mods,for making this place safer.

SugarxSpunxQuill written on 04/27/07 17:32

This is good news, I mean you seriously get some nutters out there who will abuse information people give, im sure this will make us feel more secure x

skeekeedee written on 04/27/07 18:11

Just goes to prove that common sense doesn't make it that far. I think it's sad that the moderator's have to put these restrictions out there.

grangergurl written on 04/27/07 18:42

Thank you! I really applaud you all on doing your fair share to keep us safe and secure.

postcards written on 04/27/07 19:44

Good job.

Gin_PotterGirl written on 04/27/07 19:54

Thank you Modlies for keeping us safe. I didn't know that this was happening, actually. I don't think I have broken this rule though. So, yeah!

~ Ginny

SapphireAster written on 04/27/07 23:38

I could agree with this... Its only fair

I just hope I haven't broken any of the rules!

Bookwormy written on 04/28/07 4:04

Wow..one of the reasons I luv MNFF is how organised it is!! Really glad 2 c u ppl strict abt these things!

Dragon_Warrior written on 04/28/07 14:42

I don't dare give out any more information than this...usually I give out less. I'm glad mugglenet's enforcing this.