Challenge Results!
The New Year Challenges have been judged and we have winners!

Overall Winner: A Hand in the Wolf's Mouth by ProfPosky
The Deathly Hallows - Fallen by StaceyLC
Myth and Magic - A Hand in the Wolf's Mouth by ProfPosky
At the Sign of the Green Dragon - Grim Decisions by Kehribar
Dreams - If You Were Me by the_evenstar
Belief - Clap Your Hands if You Believe in Magic by crazy_purple_hp_freak Extra Credit - A Portkey to Safety by Gmariam

Well done everyone. A new bi-monthly challenge will be posted next week!

And the February One-Shot Challenge results have been announced:

1st Place - The Wedding Ring by KASK
2nd Place - The Weaker Vessel by Insecurity
Honourable Mention to - Messages of Heart and Mind by megan_lupin, and Priorities by Skipper424

Well done! And don't forget to check out the March One-Shot challenge over at the Beta Help Forums!
Posted by Magical Maeve on 03/05/07 9:25 (24 Comments)

Congratulations to the winners! =)
- elleve on 03/05/07 10:02
Congrats to everyone who won! Hard luck to everyone who didn't, amd better luck next time!
- voldie4eva on 03/05/07 11:37
Well Done! I can tell everyone who won must have deserved it. I pat you on the back and celebrate your victory! *Spins round on computer chair in celebration* Well Done again!
- MissHPfan96 on 03/05/07 11:40
Congrats, everyone! :]
- pheonixflame on 03/05/07 18:02
Nice job, well done!!!!! I'm so happy for all of you!!!!
- Bertybottaholic on 03/05/07 18:18
Congrats to everyone who won. Congradulations to the people who didn't win too, you all tried your hardest! : )
- AprilPotter on 03/05/07 20:26
Congrats to all winner and... try-ers. (There has GOT to be a better word and I'm sure I'll think of it when this cold blows over.) By the way, where can the latest challenge be found? Not sure where to click to raise beta help. Thanks!
- nineandthreequarters on 03/06/07 10:58
good job, everyone! and nineandthreequarters, a better word might be participants. lol.
- harry_kissed_ginny on 03/06/07 15:27
congrats to all the winners u must have had exellent ideas!!!
- avadakedavrathishun on 03/06/07 19:20
*smacks forehead* How did I keep forgetting to congratulate everyone? Well, congrats!

~Tyger, tyger, burning bright - Euphrates
- Euphrates on 03/09/07 19:02
New challenges are now posted for Spring, so go check them out! Have some fun with history, get a job in Diagon Alley, grab a missing moment from OoTP, play Wizard Cards or laugh and cry! To find out more, visit the Great Hall.
- Magical Maeve on 03/13/07 11:45
Sorry- humor me- where's the Great Hall?
- nineandthreequarters on 03/14/07 10:26
Congrats to the winners!! The new challenges look great too!

nineandthreequarters -- the Great Hall is over on the forums, but you have to be Sorted first. To get the sorting quiz, PM songbook99.
- Hermione_Rocks on 03/14/07 17:58
i'm confused too - i've been sorted, but i still can't find the great hall! i know, i'm new to this technology thing... :D

oh, and congratulations to everyone who entered, whether you won or not!

~Tickled Pink~
- tickled_pink on 03/14/07 22:37
nineandthreequarters: The Great Hall in in the forums, and is only visible if you have been sorted.
- StaceyLC on 03/16/07 7:05
they were really good
- shrim5191 on 03/23/07 8:49
Is there anywhere we can see all the stories that entered but didn't win? I'm curious to see what other people cooked up.
- Lyris on 04/01/07 1:30
Lyris, if you are registered and sorted on the forums, go to the Great Hall sub-forum and there should be a thread that lists all the entries for this particular challenge. :)
- crazy_purple_hp_freak on 04/01/07 9:41
Hi, just wanted to congratulate everyone who won as well as everyone who participated. Good job!
- Meri Trells on 04/03/07 19:44
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