Help break a world record!
There is a boy here in my town (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada) who is currently battling leukemia at our children's hospital. Shane's 8th birthday is coming up in May and his wish is to break the world record for the number of greeting cards received.

The story has been getting around and he is receiving cards from all over the world. If anyone would like to send Shane a card and help him try to break this record, here is the link with the address to which you can send your cards, as well as more info on Shane himself.

I know he would appreciate it - he's a very sick little boy and he enjoys receiving a new bunch of cards every week. Hopefully he will get his wish!
Posted by ristan32 on 03/01/07 21:46 (60 Comments)

Awww, poor Shane. I will try to send him a birthday card soon. Anything to help him to feel better.
- Felton_Fan_For_Life on 03/01/07 22:07
Let's hope that the love you are showing him, and surely all of us Mugglenetters, help him live better through this.
- Ginny Guerra on 03/01/07 22:42
I will send poor Shane a bunch of cards just as soon as I can.=Sammy
- MissyQuill on 03/02/07 4:10
Aw, the poor kid. He's only 8 and he's battling leukemia? I have to go out and get some cards for him!
- AprilPotter on 03/02/07 6:38
This is a wonderful idea, Ristan. :) I know I'll do my best to help out.
- lily_evans34 on 03/02/07 8:21
Great idea!! I agree with Rachel - I will definitely try to send him a card.
- Winged Artemis on 03/02/07 8:57
great stuff, il send him a card. what a great wish.
- I so want 2 b magic on 03/02/07 10:14
i also live in ottawa, and you will be glad to know that many schools (such as mine) have a whole bunch of stuff going on for little shane, like card making tables and things like that. i really hope he breaks his record and send him cards people!!
- hollyberries on 03/02/07 10:35 sweet. It's a pity he's facing such a trauma at such a young age...God bless him...wish I can send a card 2 make him happy :)
- Bookwormy on 03/02/07 12:34
M'kay, definitely making a card for Shane. Leukemia' s been being battled by kids from my hometown too, and anything that can make their lives better has to be the best thing on earth. dreams should always come true. Happy Birthday Shane!
- saveginny417 on 03/02/07 14:00
Awwwa! That's so sad. I hope he gets enough cards!
- AliKt716 on 03/02/07 14:21
That's so sad.... :' ( I know somebody who has leukemia.
I'm going to send him a card if my parents'll let me.
- fictiouswrighter on 03/02/07 15:37
Oh my Gosh! that is the saddest story! i hope that he wins his record thing.
- BeachBabe on 03/02/07 16:17
I made a really cute card for him. I hope Shane likes green and blue!!!
- Fading on 03/02/07 16:21
Through my cousin -who lives in Ottawa and is a teacher- my sister and I have sent two to him. We hope his dream comes true!
- ronsgirl123 on 03/02/07 16:44
I'm so sorry to hear that. I've read about it in books and all (one of the reasons I'm going into become a M.D. or a Nurse...)and it just makes me think of how many people, like Shane, who are battling this horrible illness. I mean, being an American, how many stupid times a day do I use the word "I". Use it way too many times. I think since that the world has changed so much from what it use to me (with the stupid things-drungs, getting involved at young teenage ages, and doing flat out wrong stuff) needs to stop. This is one of the ways to make it stop. I've known a few people who are and where (they passed one) with cancer. To see them smile from a simple thing like that, is truely amazing. I know that all of us, no matter where you live, what race you are, or whatever your situation is, needs to make this stop. Think of the effect it would have on the world!

Sorry for the rambling-good luck Shane and everything will be fine if you trust that it will be.
- MJ_Padfoot on 03/02/07 16:52
Thank you for that wonderful message MJ_Padfoot. I know how Shane's relatives feel; my aunt too has Leukemia. We found out a couple of months ago, and it's made all of us realize how much the little things in life, like getting a dent in the car, or spilling coffee on your shirt just isn't that important. She's been really strong about it though, and she's been asking for cards too. This is just my opinion, but I think my aunt, much like Shane, wants and likes cards, because it reassures them that there are people out there who care. Cancer puts you in a real vulnerable spot, and you constantly need reassurance from people who care. Anyway, please send a card to Shane people; he really needs it!
- dancingcarrot21 on 03/02/07 20:37
Oh, that is so sad. I feel so sorry for Shane. My grandma had cancer, so I know how his relatives feel. I will definitely try to send him a card.

- james_fanatic on 03/02/07 21:26
Ottawa? That place is one of my favourite cities in the world *squee*! I listen to Kiss anytime I go there. I'll definitely do this for Shane.lCome on guys, let's team up and show the world that the HP fandom is capable of great things!
- on 03/03/07 10:00
Oh...*runs off to send card*
- Heiress_of_Insanity_ on 03/03/07 12:37
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