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by deanine @ 02/18/07 22:12  
There are a few documents every user of this site should read. First, everyone should read the terms of service. That document tells you core standards that you are held to. Recently we added a review policy that should help clarify some of the confusion on that front.

Everyone should also read the submission guidelines prior to trying to add a story.

A Student/Teacher Romance warning was added today. Any story featuring a romantic relationship between a student who is still at Hogwarts and their teacher should carry this warning. Such stories are considered sensitive subject matter.

fuzz_nose written on 02/18/07 22:31

The Student/Teacher Romance warning is a good thing. I get a little freaked out by that kind of thing, and now I can be warned before reading a certain fics. YAY TO THE MODS!

Ahem. You may carry on with your lives now.

Gemma Hawk written on 02/19/07 0:17

*looks at mods adoringly* You guys think of everything! Thanks for continuing to make the great MNFF even better :)

FenrirG written on 02/19/07 2:43

I think the new warning is a great idea. =) Good job mods for making the site great!

Jenn22291 written on 02/19/07 7:39

Mods, you guys are the greatest. The new warning really was necessary as so many people are offended by it. Cheers! =]

harry_kissed_ginny written on 02/19/07 9:26

the new warning is great. and those are two VERY important things to read

dumbledorefluertwins written on 02/19/07 12:01

Warnings on teacher student? Good. I hate those fics, it's always annoying when you click on one by accident.

werepupsitter written on 02/19/07 12:30

*cheers for new warning*
*walks away blushing*

nineandthreequarters written on 02/19/07 12:38

Thanks for taking the time to lay those out, and for adding that warning. Cheers! (Pst! By the way, the link to contacting the mods is invalid.)

AurorGirl101 written on 02/19/07 12:52

Great work, mods! The warning is a great idea, sometimes you never know what lies inside a fic. The review policy is great, really informative and I'm glad somethings have been cleared up!!!

*Throws confetti to celebrate modly smartness*

AprilPotter written on 02/19/07 12:53

I'm glad you mods added that warning. Student/Teacher romances kind of scare me and it'll be good to know which ones have that ship in them! *cheers* ; )

abbs866 written on 02/19/07 15:59

The warning is a great idea, but where can I find the terms of service document? I would like to read it

written on 02/19/07 18:15

Thank you for everything, mods. The teacher/student warning placement is definitely sensible. A lot of people would rather not read those specific types of romances (I myself don't really mind it, but that's me). I hope I don't sound like I'm super uptight, but maybe there should be a warning for profanity (don't care, some do), even though there's that pop-up. Just a suggestion *makes self small*.

It also makes everyone's life a whole lot easier for authors to read the submission guidelines, as well as the terms of service. Thanks for reminding us, Deanine!

Euphrates written on 02/19/07 19:06

abbs866, I think the link is in the message. Just click on ;terms of service'.

Great idea, mods. :-)

Heiress_of_Insanity_ written on 02/19/07 19:18

I'm glad they added that warning. Teacher/Student scares me...*coughHermioneSnapecough*

some_kinda_superstar written on 02/19/07 23:37

I'm really glad you added the teacher/student warning. It doesn't bother me too much, but it can certainly be very sensitive subject matter for some people. I second Gemma Hawk, you guys think of everything!

abbs866, there is a link in the post unless I'm much mistaken. Just hover your mouse over the words 'terms of service' and click.

fuzz_nose written on 02/20/07 8:10

Wow, and I thought I was one of the only people who was freaked out by Student/Teacher fics...Guess not! :)

Vindictus Viridian written on 02/20/07 11:12

"Terms Of Service" are also under "Help," along with all sorts of other neat and nifty things. Have fun scouting around!

james_fanatic written on 02/20/07 15:12

Thanks mods!!! I've never actually come across a Student/Teacher story, but that would be sort of scary. Thanks again!

spike312 written on 02/20/07 16:50

Thanks Mods!! They always creep me out, especially those Harry/Snape ones. Delusional!!

bertiebott12 written on 02/20/07 19:18

This warning is a fabulous idea. You have so many young readers on this site and many people do not like to look at these relationships anyway. This is one of the best rules you've put forward yet.