Winter's Tales Result and New Challenge
The entries into the Winter's Tales challenge were fantastic and varied. It made life incredibly tough judging them, but we do have an overall winner: Oh Little Town of Godric's Hollow by wicked angel. The following were also individual challenge winners:

Christmas by Numbers - FeatherTrader; Conversation With An Angel - Kask; Lord Voldermort... and Bob? - Schmerg_the_Impaler; Christmas Eve With the Snapes - Hermione_Rocks; A Gift of Faith by Gmariam.

All the entries were wonderful and you should all be very proud of yourselves. We now have a new challenge up that will run for the next two months. The New Year Challenge has a variety of prompts, from creating Deathly Hallows to having characters meet gods and godesses. You can find them in the Great Hall over at the Beta Forums. To see them you need to create an account, if you don't already have one, and then PM Songbook99 to be Sorted. So what are you waiting for - go check them out!

Edit: *giggles* You have no idea how many times I wrote or typed all the winners names out yesterday. I put wicked over on the Beta Boards, I put wicked in my notes... the one place I got it wrong was in the most visible. *slaps self*
Posted by Magical Maeve on 01/04/07 8:25 (41 Comments)

*claps* Well done everyone, you were all amazing! :D *hugs and hands over party tiramisu* Looking forward to seeing you all in the New Years Challenge...the prompts look great! ~Suzie
- crazy_purple_hp_freak on 01/04/07 8:38
Congratulations you guys!!!!! <3 Those were wonderful stories, really. :D
- the_evenstar on 01/04/07 9:12
great job to all the winners
I must say that Schmer the Impaler and Hermione Rocks are two my favorite authors here, so great job ladies
- ckwright51 on 01/04/07 10:02
Congratulations guys! Your stories are truly wonderful! *Hands out slabs of chocolate and bottles of butterbeer!* Well Done!
~ Roxy
- Roxy Black on 01/04/07 12:18
It might sound silly, but I can't figure out how to be
- bamma on 01/04/07 13:55
Congratulations everyone! Umm... do you mean wicked angel though?
- evanesco123 on 01/04/07 14:07
*cheers to the winners* Great jog everybody!The stories were totally awesome! : D
- AprilPotter on 01/04/07 15:00
Bamma~ You have to register with the MNFF beta boards, there should be a link on the side bar. Afterwards, you just have to pm (privet message) songbook99 requesting the sorting quiz. She'll give it to you and you can fill it out an Pm t back to her and then your house will appear next to your name :)


Congrats you guy's for doing such a great job with the challenge! And yay for Slytherin for dominating out there! *hugs slyths*

~Roop the house pride maniac :D
- nysuperstarz on 01/04/07 15:40
I think the author of teh winner is supposed to be WICKED angel. I've read her story, and it is great. It really deserved to win. I'm off to read the runners up - Tata for now! Abby
- abbs866 on 01/04/07 17:44
oh golly oh golly! (sorry, I love that phrase) these stories are great and deserved to win for sure!
- aliauthor on 01/04/07 18:13
hey, wow, that's me!! yes, it's wicked angel, not winged, but i'm not worried. angels are more likely to have wings than to be wicked, after all. thanks ever so much for this honor!! i'm totally blown away!! (off to read prompts for next time...)
- wicked angel on 01/04/07 19:59
Hahahahahahahaha, wicked angel. Congrats to everyone!
- DogLover4Life on 01/04/07 20:24
Oh, the New Year prompts are awesome! Jan, you did a great job coming up with them!
- Jenn22291 on 01/04/07 20:26
Congratulations to all! And I'm extra excited about the new prompts. I should be writing something for them...if I actually complete a fic in time to enter, this time.
- suckr4romance on 01/05/07 17:57
Congrats! They were all awesome, and I really enjoyed them. Happy hols!
- Winged Artemis on 01/05/07 18:30
*sings* "O Little Town of Grodric's Hollow, how still we see thee lie, upon thy deep and dreamless sleep, the silent stars go by." Hmm, nice variation of the origonal carol. Now to read it!
- Pottergirl on 01/05/07 20:09
Oh,it's okay! We all mess up, and Wicked Angel obviously didn't care. I loved the poem!!!
- abbs866 on 01/05/07 20:26
Congrats you guys! 'specially you Wicked Angel, its a pretty good fic. and lol, you dont know how many times i have to rewrite reviews and posts on my journals because of the incomprehensible spelling ^_^

- HermionePotter on 01/06/07 10:29
Woo, hey congrats to all who won... Especially wicked angel for the really cool remake of "...Bethlehem" and *giggles* to Schmerg_the_Impaler, one of my all-time favorite authors on this site!! Great job, all! :)
- PadfootBaby on 01/06/07 10:31
Congrats to everyone who won! I'll definitely have to check some of the entries out. I think I might go have a look at those New Year Challenge prompts, too...
- annie on 01/07/07 0:57
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