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New Mods and the Queue

by deanine @ 01/02/07 0:36  

The queue is now open. If you have any trouble submitting please delete your internet cookies and temporary internet files. If the problem persists, please send me (deanine) an email and I will try to help you with your error. I can be contacted through my profile which is linked on the staff page.

In other news, we have completed the selection process and hired our new mods. We went into the search looking for five moderators, and you all sent in such an amazing array of applications that you made our choice very difficult. Thanks to all the applicants, and if you missed the window this time, MNFF hires regularly, so you will get another shot.

The five new mods we are welcoming are:

Hogwartduchess Lily_Evans34 Myownmuggle Roxy Black Whittyleah

Congratulations new mods and happy new year everyone!

MagicalMaddie331 written on 01/02/07 0:47

Congrats to all! Good luck to all new mods.

Ron x Hermione written on 01/02/07 2:01

Aw Man! *cries* I didn't get in!

Oh well, there are some great new mods, and I'll be appy to see any of them beta my stories! (and accept them...) *hint hint* LOL. I'm totally kidding you all, you deserved it. Great job, and congrats.

~Lindsey :)

blue eyed dragon written on 01/02/07 2:20

Congrats new mods.

callmehermione written on 01/02/07 2:51

I'm so proud of all of the new mods! I actually don't think I've ever commented here before. But this is a special occasion. Congratulations to the five of you!!

And heart to those who didn't make it in. There will always be need for new, dedicated mods. Just keep working hard around the site and forums!

Happy new year!

crazy_purple_hp_freak written on 01/02/07 5:06

Congrats guys! *sprays happy mist for mods*

wicked angel written on 01/02/07 6:35

congrats to the new mods. we will be swamping you shortly ;)

written on 01/02/07 6:49

Congrats to all the new Mods! *waves at myownmuggle*

Forget trial by fire, it's going to be trial by flood, as in the flood of incoming fics! Good luck!

the_evenstar written on 01/02/07 7:37

Congratulations, guys! Great job, and good luck with all the modding! :D

Gmariam written on 01/02/07 9:15

Congratulations, new mods! You all deserve the honor and I know you will do a great job maintaining the wonderful fun and insanity that is MNFF. *huggles fellow turnips*
~Gina :)

Gin_Drinka written on 01/02/07 11:07

Congratulations to you guys that made it, and to everyone who tried! Happy New Year all!

pheonixflame written on 01/02/07 12:24

Congratulations to the new Mods! *yay*

xginny_weasleyx written on 01/02/07 12:35

Oh weel there's always next time, isn't there?

And anyway congratulations to all those selected! *party poppers!!!!!!!*

cmwinters written on 01/02/07 12:38

Congratulations to the new moderators and good luck - I hope modding is all you hoped it would be!

Happy New Year everyone!

Mind Games written on 01/02/07 13:12

The more mods the merrrier! Congratulations and good luck!

annie written on 01/02/07 13:15

Congrats to the new mods! :)

mgle_teacher written on 01/02/07 13:34


Jenn22291 written on 01/02/07 13:44

Hurray! Congrats to the new mods, you all really deserve it!

keryn617 written on 01/02/07 13:56

congratulations new mods!!

lady magician written on 01/02/07 14:23

congrats new mods! Happy New Year ;-)

Winged Artemis written on 01/02/07 14:52