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Happy Holidays!

by deanine @ 12/22/06 23:10  
The queue is now closed and will not be reopening until January 2nd. Enjoy your vacations, everyone, and we'll see you in 2007!

Note: There are ways to slip into the queue even with the closing, particularly if you have a story in progress. However, please know that any submissions dated 12-23-06 through 01-01-07 will be deleted without moderation. Please hold on to your submissions and have fun swamping us in January.

Happy holidays!

Edit: The winter challenges category (Winter Tales) will remain open so that participants can continue to submit their entries. (If you're a participant and the queue won't let you submit, try deleting your cookies and temporary internet files, and then refresh the page.) Thank you!

Moony 62442 written on 12/22/06 23:14

Happy Holidays everyone! Thanks to the mods for being great this year, and I hope everyone has a great vacation! See you all next year!
~Moony : )

annie written on 12/22/06 23:28

Happy Holidays ^_^

A House Elf written on 12/23/06 0:46

I'm more disappointed that I shan't be able to read others' stories and updates. That's just depressing.

Roxy Black written on 12/23/06 7:07

House Elf - you can still read the stories, any chapters that are in the queue will be modded, it's just that people can't submit new chapters until January 2nd. It's not too far away, and there are over 6117 amazing stories to read whilst you wait ;)

Merry Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Three Kings Day, St. Lucia Day and Ramadan.

Gemma Hawk written on 12/23/06 7:15

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope the mods enjoy their break :)

Ithinkrabis2people written on 12/23/06 8:18

Happy holidays, everybody! Have a good time, wherever you are and whatever you might be doing! ;)

to_the_stage93 written on 12/23/06 8:54

I'm so disappointed my story that I submitted last week didn't get accepted in time...well, without any new stories to read, this gives us time to theorize about the new title!

Nundu written on 12/23/06 9:03

I submitted a new story earlier this week. It is still listed as 'Not Validated'. Does that mean it won't be posted and I will need to resubmit in January?

crazy_purple_hp_freak written on 12/23/06 10:05

I think that anything submitted BEFORE today and is still in the queue will be modded, but they won't be accepting any more after today.

Happy hols everyone! *trills and sprays festive mist*

Dory_the_Fishie written on 12/23/06 10:32

Anything in the queue submitted before today we will try and get to. Obviously, this is the mods' holiday break as well, but a lot of us are still active in the queue.

Happy Holidays, everyone! See you in the new year!

Dragon_Warrior written on 12/23/06 10:45

Happy Holidays and all that! I can't wait to send in my newest story after the New Year! Have fun doing whatever mods do on a break!!

Pussycat123 written on 12/23/06 11:09

Well, apart from the couple of ups and downs, I think this has been a good year for MNFF, so congratulations to everyone who's worked hard, and happy holidays to the mods! You deserve it! Here's to 2007 *clinks glasses with all*

A_Pink_lady written on 12/23/06 11:29

Happy holidays! You mods deserve a break! See you in 2007!!!

A_Pink_lady written on 12/23/06 11:35

Happy holidays! You mods deserve a break! See you in 2007!!!

pattilarr written on 12/23/06 12:15

Happy Holidays to all! Major Thanks to the Mods for everything they do to keep us all entertained!! And THANKS for chapter 34! LOL (You know which story, I'm sure. ) ::wink::

Sly Severus written on 12/23/06 12:31

I hope everyone enjoys their holidays. I just have a quick question. Is it okay to leave and answer reviews while the queue is closed or does that effect it in some way?

written on 12/23/06 13:23

happy holidays to all!

abbs866 written on 12/23/06 13:53

Happy Holidays and have a good break to the mods! I'm just slightly dissapointed, I had a story ready to submit. Ah well, I can wait. Also - will stories be updated during this time? Because alot of my favorites have chapters in the queue...
This means swamping in January, does it not? Will that slow down the validation process? Or will more stories be modded sooner?
Happy Holidays all, and see you next year!

mrsgeorgeweasley written on 12/23/06 14:46

To reiterate again, a story with a chapter in the queue BEFORE it closed today will be moderated, i.e. validated or rejected. No new submissions can be made until January 2nd. The swamping in January usually comes from people who didn't make the cut-off deadline, and it slows the queue down because there are many more stories being submitted.

I hope you all enjoy the break, and use it wisely. May whichever higher power you believe in be good to you. *hugs*

smiley10792 written on 12/23/06 15:23

Happy Holidays to everyone, and the mods deserve a great time during break. Thanks so much for making MNFF the best! See everyone in 2007!!!!!