Open Applications Closed
It's time for your friendly moderators to shut ourselves in to caucus and read the amazing variety of applications you have all sent us. There will be a news post as soon as our new moderators have been selected.

Thanks everyone for your interest and the part you do to make MNFF an awesome place to share fiction.

Posted by deanine on 12/17/06 9:58 (68 Comments)

About how many are a "couple disposable hours"? I'd like to do it but when the next semester starts at the end of January I don't know how much time I'd have to spend on it..
- AlasEarwax on 12/17/06 11:35
AWW! Cool! I already sent a application so....yeah. Umm....How many new Moddies are you going to take anyway?
- Gin_PotterGirl on 12/17/06 11:50
So if we already sent our application, we re-send it to you instead?
- Jenn22291 on 12/17/06 11:51
The time needed to meet a sweeper's obligation will vary from person to person. We expect a sweeper to mod 10-20 fics every week they are active (on average). That might take you 2 hours or it might take you 4. It is different for everyone.

As for how many we're hiring, we don't have a set in stone number but five or a few less is our general inclination.

- deanine on 12/17/06 11:55
Ok, now, do we get to choose what we get to moderate? What I mean is, do we choose a catagory? Because maybe some people can't handle some pairings...
- Gin_PotterGirl on 12/17/06 12:21
I'm very excited that you all are hiring new moderators! I'm definitely applying! :)
- Ron x Hermione on 12/17/06 12:21
You'll start off as a sweeper, meaning you moderate any story over seven days old regardless of category and the main categories (General, Dark/Angsty, and Humor). After you get to know your way around a bit, you might be assigned your own category.
- Marauder by Midnight on 12/17/06 12:50
Oh ok. Thank you, and one last question. What will the Queue look like? I mean, will it be the same thing as searching a story?
- Gin_PotterGirl on 12/17/06 12:53
Ooh, how exciting! New modlies! I might apply, but I'm still debating about it.
- lily_evans34 on 12/17/06 12:56
Hmmm...should I apply, or should I not. It's exciting but my school is drowning me in homework at the moment. :~)
- AprilPotter on 12/17/06 13:03
I have a small question, what date does an application need to be mailed by?

I need until possibly Tuesday to get a reference and polish up my letter but I willl most definitely be sending in one!
- xginny_weasleyx on 12/17/06 13:09
No the queue doesn't function as a "search" option. The queue lists the stories on one page.

The closing date hasn't been set yet as we're still trying to determine the rate at which these applications come in. However, I can assure you the application won't be due before Tuesday.

- Marauder by Midnight on 12/17/06 13:16
Do the people that we get references from have to be members on MNFF? For instance, if I wanted to get a recommendation from my English teacher or something, would they have to sign up with MNFF?
- to_the_stage93 on 12/17/06 13:49
Oh, this is so exciting! I'm not sure if I want to apply, I have to decide. But very cool.
- just_the_contrary on 12/17/06 15:03
This is very exciting indeed!! I have a question though: how do you guys accept applications? Is it by what they write on the application or is it by how they are known/ their rep?
- sayiansirius on 12/17/06 15:06
Oh I am so excited! I really wanna apply! How old do you have to be? And can the 10-20 fics be done over the weekend? L:ike, if you can only do, say, 5 or so during the week, but like, a million more on the weekends, is that okay? Also, what if you get assigned, say, a Harry/Hermione fic, and you can not possibly stand to read one (I might possibly be the worlds biggest Harry/Ginny shipper) withour imploding? Seriosuly, I'm not trying to be funny
- harry_kissed_ginny on 12/17/06 15:18
I have another query- can I get references from members of another HP fanfic site? I'm new to MNFF but I have been writing for HPFF for about a year now and have a bit of a fanbase there that I might get references from.
- to_the_stage93 on 12/17/06 16:50
Oh my God!
I wanna be a mod!!!!
- DracoLuva4684 on 12/17/06 19:43
You'll need to have recommendations from people who are registered with MNFF.

We always consider the applications, but since it's hard to get a good, thorough feel of a person from just that one application, we look at recommendations. We also do look at your writing. This isn't a popularity contest so don't worry about that.

Usually we suggest only people over the age of thirteen apply. It doesn't matter what day of the week you get all the modding done. Most of us can't mod on the weekdays anyway because of school. If you have a problem with a certain category/story, it's perfectly fine to ask other mods to look at it for you.

You can have references from people from another site as long as they're registered here.

- Marauder by Midnight on 12/17/06 21:57
I'm so happy you guys are doing an all-call for hiring! Good luck to all those who apply- it's one of the greatest jobs you'll ever have!
- AlexisTaylor on 12/17/06 22:03
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