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Two Week Warning

by deanine @ 12/10/06 7:22  
The holiday season is upon us, and in MNFF tradition, the site will be taking a Christmas vacation. Submissions will be closed from December 23 until January 2. Happy writing everyone!
written on 12/10/06 7:35

Thanks for the lovely advanced warning. *raises mug of butterbeer* Here's to everyone having a wonderful holiday wherever you may be!

dashofmagic written on 12/10/06 8:00

Thanks for the heads up...now can you validate my story, please?!? :-)

Zoheb written on 12/10/06 8:12

Oh, boy, how exciting.

Triwizard written on 12/10/06 8:35

OLE!! Happy Holidays!!!!

padfootnflawks written on 12/10/06 10:33

YAAA!!! It is almoust christmas! Thanks for the heads up!

Princess_Nagini written on 12/10/06 10:37

Thanks for the warning, and have a fab holiday!

Gin_PotterGirl written on 12/10/06 11:13

Ooh! How exciting! Lets see what we can do when the Que is closed... Does that mean we can't turn in sumbmissions to the Forum? Happy Holidays everyone!

ladymoony8allie written on 12/10/06 16:16

Happy Holidays! Hope its WONDERFUL

makinmagic323 written on 12/11/06 1:08

uh oh....type faster!!! thanks for letting us all know! =)

May91 written on 12/11/06 12:29

Happy holidays!;)

AprilPotter written on 12/11/06 15:35

Happy Holidays to all! :)

MissPurplePen written on 12/11/06 16:15

Yes...here it comes...you deserve it! I felt it was time to show some appreciation to the beloved moderators who tolerate our (mostly) pointless musings, so here's to you...*begins passing around extravagantly-wrapped gifts and chocolate, then sings every Christmas and/or holiday song imaginable in a very tone-deaf manner* Happy Holidays!

xMBx written on 12/11/06 16:31

cool. Happpy Holidays!!!! and have a good break

iluvdanradcliffe written on 12/11/06 17:34

Merry Christmas! Yo! Lol!! Now that we're all in the Christmas mood, can you guys please validate my story?? *puppy eyes*

...And...I'll give you fifteen litres o' butterbeer...yeah that'll do!


AliKt716 written on 12/11/06 19:11

Thanks so much for the warning! have a Christmas story that is about a 3rd done that I've been wanting to post. Now I know my deadlines!

james_fanatic written on 12/12/06 6:08

Thanks for letting us know! Have you ever done something, and you are waiting for it, but it doesn't happen for ages? Thanks for preventing that. Happy Holidays!!!

annie written on 12/12/06 9:10

Yay, thank you for letting us know ahead of time ^_^ Happy Christmas to all the staff, authors, and readers!

Ron x Hermione written on 12/12/06 10:09

Aw! You guys deserve a nice long break! Merry Christmas everybody and i will try... to get all of myfics in before the break! Te he! ~Lindsey :)

Pirkadatka written on 12/12/06 14:51

You do deserve a bit of break, you're doing a great job with this site. All my appreciations. And have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

harry_kissed_ginny written on 12/12/06 15:36

thanks for the warning