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Winter's Tales

by Magical Maeve @ 12/07/06 7:40  
Mugglenet Fanfiction's annual winter challenge is upon us once again. This proved to be the most popular challenge ever last year and I hope we can match it this year. There is still time to enter the challenge if you drop by the Great Hall over on the Beta Help Forums (link in the navigation bar at the side of the page). We now have a good group of the stories validated so if you want to dive into some wintry, Christmassy reading you'll find it under the Winter's Tales subcategory of the challenges. I hope you enjoy what our fantastic authors have for you this year and please do leave them a review, no matter how small, if you enjoyed their festive treats.
hattiepotter written on 12/07/06 15:39

I've looked in the forums but can't find the Great Hall. Where do I find the submission details?!

written on 12/07/06 16:18

I can't find it eithe- I feel oblivious!

Karl written on 12/07/06 18:10


AprilPotter written on 12/07/06 18:15


just_the_contrary written on 12/07/06 18:40

You can only find the Great Hall if you are registered and sorted. :)

padfootnflawks written on 12/07/06 19:46

How do you get sorted?

m00n_un1t_luna written on 12/07/06 20:45

I signed up a long time ago and it wouldn't recognize me when I signed in. So...I created a new thing and now I don't know how to get sorted!

rubyphoenix42 written on 12/07/06 20:47

Yes, i don't know how to get sorted! Do you have to join a class or something?

whittyleah written on 12/07/06 20:52

YAY! Challenge! I am writing mine now! Thanks, Jan!

GreyLady written on 12/07/06 20:56

To get sorted you need to PM songbook99 with a request.

rubyphoenix42 written on 12/07/06 21:07


suckr4romance written on 12/07/06 22:07

I'm working on my submissions right now (and, yes, also working on my OTHER commitments, don't worry...)!!

Dumbledore Prince written on 12/08/06 1:37

I was thinking of entering this time, but alas, I doubt RL and my normal fics will allow me to do so. Ah well, good luck to the participants!

Silver Whisper written on 12/08/06 2:48


its summer in Australia. Seriously, right now its 40 degrees celsius...thats 104 degrees fahreneit for all you americans!


hattiepotter written on 12/08/06 13:54

I'm registered now and I still really can't find the details! I'm so confused ... help?

Magical Maeve written on 12/08/06 14:18

hattiepotter, you need to send a private message to Songbook99 and ask to be sorted. This is a quick process and will give you enough time to enter the challenge. We hold regular challenges over at the Beta Help Forums (which is quite a dry name for a wonderful community of great authors and readers). I'd advise all our authors to take a few minutes to register over there, get sorted, and take as little or as much as you can from the forums. You won't regret it... and you can enter all the great challenges! :-)

hattiepotter written on 12/08/06 14:34

Thanks a lot. I'm just waiting for a reply now x

Lyra Marchpane written on 12/08/06 16:37

How do you enter this challenge? And how do you get sorted?

padfootnflawks written on 12/10/06 10:34

How can we sent Songbook99 a message?

written on 12/10/06 19:08

padfootnflawks-just go to staff, click of Songbook99, and press the contact author button. ;)