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Happy Thanksgiving!

by deanine @ 11/22/06 20:12  
The Queue is closed until Monday guys. MNFF is taking a Thanksgiving break. Please use this extra time to perfect your stories, and we will see you back in the queue in a couple of days.

EDIT: The queue has reopened. If you are having trouble making the submission page work properly, please take a moment to delete your cookies, your internet files, and clear your history. This should be done while you are logged off the site. If anyone continues to have issues, please contact a moderator for assistance.

Edit Part 2: If you are still having issues, repeat the cookie deletions and file deletions. The error should be under control and the process should now work for you. Thanks for your patience guys!
padfootnflawks written on 11/22/06 20:29

aawww...well you guys deserve a nice thanksgiving breack to!! besids I won't have any internet accuse for a while so....HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVREY ON!!!

snails_rule written on 11/22/06 20:51

NOOOOOOO!!!! My story hasn't been validated, and now I'm going to have to wait till mMonday at least.

Oh well. I'll just have to wait. Happy Thanksgiving.

Ellorian written on 11/22/06 20:53

Awww, I was just logging in to submit my next chapterrrr. Oh well, you guys are wicked awesome, you deserve a nice looonng break... at least until Monday!:P

KitKat517 written on 11/22/06 21:39

Have a happy Thanksgiving!

til Monday,

Busheloflaughs written on 11/22/06 21:57

Happy thanksgiving! you guys deserve a break. :D

Dragon_Warrior written on 11/22/06 22:08

Happy Thangsgiving! You're all very hardworking and you DO deserve a break. Have fun! ;-)

SmartyPants written on 11/22/06 22:24

you guys deserve that break hope you have fun!

But hurry back, we'll miss you...

Zoheb written on 11/22/06 23:02

Yeah well, my story was submitted two weeks ago on thursday...now I have to wait till Monday. Pretty.

werepupsitter written on 11/22/06 23:12

whew! *sighs with relief* so glad you guys are taking a break! though i do wish you will hurry back... and approve my story! *wink wink*


annie written on 11/23/06 0:04

Happy Thanksgiving to the mods and all the authors ^_^

written on 11/23/06 0:39

Happy Thanksgiving you Americans! You guys deserve the break!!! (Am looking forward to Monday, however. When *hopefully* my next chapter will be vallidated). 'Til then! :)

HunnieBuns88 written on 11/23/06 0:40

Have a great Thanksgiving you guys!! Hope you have a fantastic break! See you monday! =]

lady magician written on 11/23/06 1:31

Happy thanksgiving to all the mods and authors! we all deserve a break, don't we?:-D...TURKEY WOOT! ;-)

Jenn22291 written on 11/23/06 7:30

You guys deserve a break after all the hard work you do. Happy Thanksgiving to all of the other Americans!

StaceyLC written on 11/23/06 8:45

Wow, looks like I got my chapter in just in time! A couple hours later and I would have missed it.

Happy Thanksgiving, guys!

One Soul written on 11/23/06 9:25

You're not alone, Zoheb. I've been waiting too. I don't think they validate the stories in order....Oh well, everyone does deserve a break once in awhile.

whittyleah written on 11/23/06 9:30

Have a great Thanksgiving! Enjoy your break...before returning to the queue of doom! :D


Magical Maeve written on 11/23/06 9:44

Yes, One Soul, everyone does. However, your story had been in queue for five days and was at the top of the queue for validation. Everyone needs a break, and everyone also needs to be patient. Stories are always validated in order unless there is a request for a specific moderator or the moderator working that section of the queue wants a second opinion from another moderator.

And Happy Thanksgiving to all our North American readers and authors from a Brit for whom today is just an ordinary day - turkeyless. :-)

Wand_Waver2006 written on 11/23/06 9:48

A turkeyless day...taht woudn't be Thanskgiving over here, Maeve. So sorry for you Brits, but you mods DO deserve a break--you're what keeps this site going for us! Happy Thanksgiving!

SnowyHedwig112 written on 11/23/06 10:13

Awww...Well you guys all deserve a break! Have fun, before returning to the queue and be drowned by the stories!!! Hehehe...:)