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Birthday Celebrations

by Elysa @ 11/20/06 22:36  
As promised, the staff of MuggleNet Fan Fiction have been working to give a little something back to all the authors and reviewers who have made this site what it is today. First up: a plethora of avatars and banners, made especially for this wondrous occasion. See them here at our Beta Forums!

Secondly, many of the moderators are participating in a month-long project in which we write a collection of themed one-shots. Each chapter is a different one-shot by a different mod, and the "story" will be updated about once every 5-7 days. See it here!

We hope you enjoy these tidbits of fun. Thanks again for two fantastic years, everyone! Here's to another two! *Raises Butterbeer*
Misdemeanor1331 written on 11/20/06 22:45

Most excellent. Great work on the banners and avatars!!

Ithinkrabis2people written on 11/21/06 2:03

Just another two? Cheers to as many as the Mods are able to keep up with!

*trots off to find a new Avvie/Banner*

AstroFire written on 11/21/06 8:08

That's awesome! I cannot wait to read that story and check out the avatars and banners (I just had to post this comment first before following the links)! And I agree with Ithinkrabis2people, Cheers!

Jenn22291 written on 11/21/06 14:32

That's so cool! I can't wait to read the story, and the banners are awesome!

KitKat517 written on 11/21/06 14:59

The banners and avatars are awesome! I can't wait to read the story! Birthdays are such great fun!

purplepanther written on 11/21/06 15:08

great job with the banners and avatars! happy birthday MNFF!

crazy_purple_hp_freak written on 11/21/06 15:46

The banners and avvies are so funny! Can't wait to see the stories. Happy birthday MNFF!

MJ_Padfoot written on 11/21/06 16:40

I LOVE the banners and the avvies! Harry birthday, I mean Happy birthday. Can't wait to read all of the stoires.

AurorGirl101 written on 11/21/06 17:34

I loved the fic!! It was so cute! Also, all the banners and avvies are great too!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MNFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A_Pink_lady written on 11/22/06 12:22

Cool, i cant wait to read the rest of the one-shots! keep it up MNFF! Happy Birthday

thepatronus_n_thecharm written on 11/30/06 17:47

Happy Birthday, you guys!! I've been here almost a year...it's been really fun! Everybody keep up the good work! Oh, and by the way, great one-shots by the mods so far...keep that up too!!!! <:-) Let's PARTY!

muggle_girl13 written on 11/30/06 20:41

happy birthday fan fiction!!!