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Thread: Minor Characters

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    Moaning Myrtle

    I checked the HP-Lexicon, but can't find the answer to my question...
    What house do you think Moaning Myrtle would have been in?

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    Lily_writes, I've deleted your post. If you're going to respond to a question, give more than a one-worded answer. Solid reasoning, please.

    I think you could go a lot of ways with Myrtle. Maybe Ravenclaw, because she knew the answer to the Egg Riddle, and thought that Cedric was an idiot for taking so long to figure it out. Hufflepuff, because she was so loyal she actually stayed behind? Slytherin, because she's sneaky, and because she takes revenge: she decided to haunt Olive Hornby. I can't think of any reasons for her to be suited to Gryffindor.

    I think whatever House you put her in, you have to back it up yourself. But as long as you keep her current traits in mind, most Houses would be believable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by solemnlyswear_x
    What house do you think Moaning Myrtle would have been in?
    I personally think that Moaning Myrtle would have been in Ravenclaw. I think she was very clever because she was able to figure the egg riddle out very quickly. Myrlte also thought Cedric was stupid because it took him so long to figure the riddle out. But I also think that you can make Myrtle go to any house if you give enough facts of why you put her there.

    Hope this helps!

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    Sly Severus

    Andromeda Tonks

    I'm trying to figure out how old Andromeda would have been when Tonks was born. This is what I know or am fairly certain of, Lucius was in his seventh year when Sirius started at Hogwarts. All of the Black sisters are younger than Lucius. Bellatrix is the oldest, then Andromeda, then Narcissa. Narcissa is close in age to Sirius. Therefore, there would be less than seven years between all three of the sisters. I also know that there is a thirteen year age difference between Tonks and Sirius. From the way I have figured it out Andromeda couldn't be anymore than two or three years older than Sirius. And that would make her pregnant with Tonks when she was sixteen and still at Hogwarts. This doesn't seem right to me. Does anybody have any idea how old she actually was? Or does anybody know something that is wrong in my above reasoning?

    Thank you

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    Madame Marauder

    Andromeda Tonks-- An Answer

    Well, Andromeda (according to Lexicon) was born before 1955. I went with the youngest she could be, then (born 1954). I took Tonks' birth year (1973) and subtracted 1954. This would make Andromeda nineteen, at the youngest, when she had Tonks. She would have already been out of school.

    Hope that was helpful!


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    Sly Severus
    Thanks so much MadMar! Checking the dates is so much easier than the complicated reasoning process I was trying to use. Gee, I'm dense some days. Anyway, thanks again! I now do not have to worry about Andromeda being pregnant during my fic!

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    What house do you think Moaning Myrtle would have been in?
    I've always pictured Myrtle as a Hufflepuff, mostly because she was not able to talk back to Olive Hornby, when she was insulting her. I believe that she was shy, not really confident in herself and this makes her perfect for a Hufflepuff. I agree that Myrtle could have been a Ravenclaw, she was able to find the answer of the riddle, so she was probably smart enough to get in this house. I don't think she was a Slytherin because she was the first victim of the basilisk and we know that it was send to kill the muggleborns. I don't think she was in Gryffindor either because she was afraid of death and prefered to stay as a ghost, which is not a typical behaviour of a brave Gryffindor. So, basically, you can put her in Hufflepuff or Ravenclaw and it's be believable both ways.

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    I have a new question. What do you think Katie Bell looks like? I have checked the Lexicon but it doesn't mention what she looks like.

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    It is true that there's not much information on Katie's appearance, so you're pretty much free to make up looks. Katie Bell is played by Emily Dale in the movies, so you can go along with that appearance if you wish. Emily Dale/Katie Bell has brown hair past her shoulders, hazel/brown eyes and is of average height. It would be more fitting if you chose those features, but you're really free to create her as you wish.

    Good luck!

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    Though details on Katie's appearance might be limited you might want to keep in mind that she is on the quidditch team so she is probably a little more "fit" than most girls. So this means she probably isn't really skinny and is probably a little more muscular or at least is probably pretty strong. She most likely has quick reflexes and the sort of things that come along with quiddtich training. She is most likely a pretty average height or shorter because it seems it would be easier to move around on a broom if you were smaller.

    Those are mostly suggestions for you as it sounds like you have plenty of room to imagine. Good luck!


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