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Thread: Minor Characters

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    Dumbledore Prince
    Although I've read everything about him on Lexicon, I still can't understand why he chose to attack Bill. Does anyone have any theories? Thanks!
    Well, like Kumy, even I'm taking a guess at Greyback.

    Apart from the plausible 'Weasley' scenario, I have other thoughts. I agree that Greyback has allowed himself to become completely inhuman and wolf-ish. Therefore, I think he was particularly bloood-thirsty that night. By the way, was the full moon approaching at that time? I know Bill wasn't attacked on a full moon night ... but it's a possibility.

    I think Greyback attacked Bill because Bill was brave enough to stand in the way. He wouldn't have cared if Bill were a Weasley or not, he would've attacked with the intention to kill him, only because Bill is on the Order's side.

    [/my two Knuts]

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    Well... yeah, first I want to basically put to the record (because I have this image of a house elf taking notes O_O) that I agree with most everything that's been said.

    Except that Fenrir chose a Weasley for a reason. Seriously, I don't think he would have thought about it that much. If there are spells being thrown around and everything's kind of chaotic, it seems like he'd just attack whoever he could. I think the only reasons for Bill to be singled out are:
    Firstly, the purely unfortunate fact that he was in the way, and wasn't quite prepared to fend off a mad physical attack from a creepy cannibal.
    Then also, because he didn't take the Felix Felicus, I think. If the Weasley theory is true, then this would explain why Ginny wasn't the person to be attacked.
    And finally, because, well... Bill's pretty! Fenrir's a sadistic jerk who's horrible, and I bet he'd be more likely to try to eat someone's face if they were a young, attractive fellow/fellow-ette with a bright future and (although he isn't likely to have known it) a wedding ahead.

    That's all I had to add. And I have added. So now I depart.
    *Uh... departs*

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    Winged Artemis

    Longbottoms... ?

    Does anyone know what house Alice and Frank Longbottom were in? I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but I'm just curious.

    Many fics say that Alice and Lily were friends, and they were both in Gryffindor, though I find it highly plausible that one or both of either Alice or Frank were in Hufflepuff.


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    Madame Marauder
    I think any house but Slytherin would be appropriate, judging from what we see in their son, Neville. He's intelligent (esp. in Herbology and DADA), loyal, and brave, but not overly cunning nor ambitous. If you go with the "nature" side of "nature vs nuture" you could probably say the same for his parents.

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    I can definatly see them both being Gryffindors. Their son is a Gryffindor, they were both Aurors and fought against Voldemort, and they didn't give in to the Death Eaters even under the Cruciatus curse. They have all the characteristics of a Gryffindor. However, I can also see one of them being in Hufflepuff. We can see that Neville is loyal and kind, which are Hufflepuff characteristics. Ravenclaw may also be acceptable, but I can see them more as Gryffindors or Hufflepuffs. I think Slytherin is the only house that is completly unrealistic.

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    Everyone makes good points, but I don't think Gryffindors have the hold on dangerous careers. I actually always thought of Alice as a Hufflepuff and Frank as a Gryffindor. For some very odd reason, I simply don't see either as a Ravenclaw, though they would have had to have been reasonably intelligent in order to pass all the necessary courses and training for Aurorship.

    Personally, I like to see a lot of variety in fan fics. Most of the stories I've read have placed original and minor characters in Gryffindor, if only for the ease in writing. It's nice to see some differences. Really, you could probably get away with putting them in any house except Slytherin, and they don't have to be in the same house either. It might be a good opportunity to write about other common rooms, how they operate and look.

    Also, I did a quick search on it and couldn't find any details, but I was under the impression that Frank and Alice Longbottom were at least a year or two ahead of the Marauders. While I think it's a great idea to make them friends anyway, before they joined Order of the Phoenix, you'll need to make sure that works out, time-wise.

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    I agree with Lex that "everybody in Gryffindor" bit is getting overdone. However, I'm reasonably certain Frank, at least, was in Gryffindor, simply from Augusta's behaviour. Alice *might* have been in Hufflepuff, but the only good evidence for *that* that I can see is that Augusta seems (to me) to be somewhat dismissive of Alice, and overall the series tends to be dismissive of Hufflepuffs in general.

    I also agree that not only Gryffindors can be Aurors, or DMLE, or trained hit wizards, or what have you. You'd kind of have to go out on a bit of a limb to make a Slytherin be an Auror if you were doing a character study on that Slytherin.

    Frank and Augusta would have to have been older than James and Lily. Auror training is three years, and that's if you don't fail a module like Tonks did, which would make it longer. It's an incredibly demanding and selective program, and they sometimes go a few years without accepting *any* candidates. And you also have to figure that Harry and Neville are the same age, and a (normal, Muggle) pregnancy is forty weeks plus any maternity leave that Alice took, and that since Alice herself was an Auror, she would have either had to have completed the training before getting pregnant with Neville or taken a break, which I just don't see a program like that offering. So it's more likely that the Longbottoms are *at least* three to five years older than James and Lily.

    James and Lily had Harry at a RIDICULOUSLY young age, after all.

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    Um, I'm really sorry, but how does Lavender Brown look physically? Was it ever mentioned in the books, or do you usually just make it up in your fics?

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    Mind Games
    There is no physical description given for Lavender on the lexicon. However, it does mention how she tends to squeal and giggle a lot, so she would appear as very bright and smiley most of the time. The rest of her appearance is up to you.

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    Hey if anyone knows some information about Penelope Clearwater, (physical description wise) that would be great. From what I remember, she had long curly hair.

    The only line I remember her saying was in the CoS to Harry and Ron under the Polyjuice Potion (that she was a Ravenclaw). Oh and that she made a bet with Percy in PoA. Not much to work with. If anyone also has ideas on what this Prefect would be like, that'd be nice.

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