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I think if I were going to write something like this, which would be interesting, btw, I would definitely not make Grindelwald be working for Hitler. Though there are stories of wizards working for men/kings, ie Merlin as friend and advisor to King Arthur, Gandalf as helper to mortal men, etc... in JKR's scenarios, I think it would be much more likely that Hitler would be working for Grindelwald, though Hitler wouldn't see it that way. As a very powerful wizard, Grindelwald, like Voldemort, would not have been satisfied being the wizard behind the ruler. He would have been able to exercise certain control over Hitler, either directly through the Imperious Curse, or by offering his magical abilities to aid Hitler, but the only thing I can imagine Hitler might have over Grindelwald would be the threat of exposing the wizarding world. Most likely, that would have only made Hitler seem (more) insane, so I don't think he would have threatened it. Of course, Grindelwald might have been willing to let Hitler think he was the boss, but I have a hard time imagining him humbling himself that way. I just picture him too much like Voldemort and can't imagine him taking orders from a Muggle. Besides, I think he would be very busy fighting his own war in the wizarding world.

On the other hand, Hitler would have superiority in sheer numbers of people at his command, whereas Grindelwald has far fewer wizards to do his fighting, so a partnership of sorts would have been beneficial for both.

I have imagined that they might have been allies of sorts, though I'm not sure I believe Hitler was actually aware of the wizarding world. It is possible that they were fighting their own battles in tandem, with Grindelwald working to take over the wizarding world while Hitler tried to control the Muggle without Hitler being aware of it. Grindelwald would have known about Hitler, though and could have used magic to help influence him and his war. I think Grindelwald would have seen advantages in having the Muggle world already enslaved and oppressed by Hitler. It would make it much easier for him to then reveal himself and become supreme ruler of the world or something, without having to deal with a free world that is far more likely and capable of fighting back and destroying the much smaller wizarding community. But I think you could definitely have them as allies. That's my take on it, anyway. Good luck with your story.
I like your theory, and I believe is the more valid. At first I thought that it would be better to make him work for Hitler as his Minister of Magic (ok, i've seen too much movies/read too much books where the Nazis seem obssessed about magical and sacred objects, so I thought that a Minister of Magic for the nazis would be something interesting to write). But then I thought again about it, and left the idea, beacuse, then, I felt it just didn't sound okay, with the Voldy idea also in my mind (beacuse I supposse he would have admired what Grindelwald did, and tried to act like him, of course not failing or trying not to fail).

Thank you very much