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Thread: Minor Characters

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    Minor Characters

    Do you have that question about Susan Bones? Have you searched the Lexicon but cannot for the life of you find the answer? Then post your question here and it'll get answered.

    This thread is for quick queries for minor characters like: Angelina, Katie, Avery, Fenrir and so on. Happy posting!

    I have a question of my own about the couple Bellatrix and Rodolphus. Which one of them is the more agressive, unafraid, and skilled? We know so little about them, and I'm split for whom to go for. Opinions?

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    ms weasley
    I get the impression that, though they are both very aggressive (as Death Eaters), Bellatrix seems to be the more unafraid, and in control. For example, in the Pensieve scene in Book 4, when we see them being tried for torturing Frank and Alice Longbottom, Bellatrix is the one who speaks aloud, and tells them that Voldemort will rise again. I get the impression that Rodolphus is very mysterious, but would rather just go out and kill than talk.

    Also, Bella is an eldest child, which would tend to make her dominant, and perhaps even over-confident. It just seems fitting that she is very aggressive and unafraid. But I would say she is a skilled duellist, judging on her defeat of Sirius.

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    I also think that Bellatrix is the more aggressive and unafraid one. JK has always put an emphasis on her harsh looks and that should mean something. Also, because of the reason that ms weasley said. In the pensieve scene, she was the one who spoke up and announced Voldemorts return while the rest stood shut.

    Also, I think she is more skilled at dueling. She is quick to kill and would fight anyone. Even Dumbledore (I guess this makes her unafraid). Her killing Sirius also showed how harsh and cruel she is - her own cousin.

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    I would think that Bellatrix is more aggressive than Rodolphus. She seems very independent, very sure of herself. She usually seems to have a certain amount of control over situations. Just think back to the way she tortured the Longbottoms into insanity. We know that she’s probably very good at duelling, and she’s very, VERY loyal to Voldemort. Like the others said, she was the one who spoke up and announced Voldemort’s return, and she seems pretty certain that she is the most favoured of all the Death Eaters. Also, she didn’t get recaptured after the mass breakout in HBP, but Rodolphus did get recaptured. Does that mean anything?

    --Little Kitty

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    I see both of them being strong, but I see Bellatrix being the dominant one. Maybe not in public, I would see that as being frowned upon in Pureblood society. I have always seen Bellatrix being able to bend most people to her will... I don't know enough about Rodolphus to know of he would as well.

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    Thanks guys, that really has helped. I think that I've got what I need now.

    Bella's the more skilled, more dominant, more clever. Rodolphus is quieter, more of the one who'd carry out the plans or help when needed. Thanks again!

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    Winged Artemis

    Longbottoms... ?

    Does anyone know what house Alice and Frank Longbottom were in? I apologize if this is in the wrong place, but I'm just curious.

    Many fics say that Alice and Lily were friends, and they were both in Gryffindor, though I find it highly plausible that one or both of either Alice or Frank were in Hufflepuff.


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    Madame Marauder
    I think any house but Slytherin would be appropriate, judging from what we see in their son, Neville. He's intelligent (esp. in Herbology and DADA), loyal, and brave, but not overly cunning nor ambitous. If you go with the "nature" side of "nature vs nuture" you could probably say the same for his parents.

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    I can definatly see them both being Gryffindors. Their son is a Gryffindor, they were both Aurors and fought against Voldemort, and they didn't give in to the Death Eaters even under the Cruciatus curse. They have all the characteristics of a Gryffindor. However, I can also see one of them being in Hufflepuff. We can see that Neville is loyal and kind, which are Hufflepuff characteristics. Ravenclaw may also be acceptable, but I can see them more as Gryffindors or Hufflepuffs. I think Slytherin is the only house that is completly unrealistic.

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    Everyone makes good points, but I don't think Gryffindors have the hold on dangerous careers. I actually always thought of Alice as a Hufflepuff and Frank as a Gryffindor. For some very odd reason, I simply don't see either as a Ravenclaw, though they would have had to have been reasonably intelligent in order to pass all the necessary courses and training for Aurorship.

    Personally, I like to see a lot of variety in fan fics. Most of the stories I've read have placed original and minor characters in Gryffindor, if only for the ease in writing. It's nice to see some differences. Really, you could probably get away with putting them in any house except Slytherin, and they don't have to be in the same house either. It might be a good opportunity to write about other common rooms, how they operate and look.

    Also, I did a quick search on it and couldn't find any details, but I was under the impression that Frank and Alice Longbottom were at least a year or two ahead of the Marauders. While I think it's a great idea to make them friends anyway, before they joined Order of the Phoenix, you'll need to make sure that works out, time-wise.

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