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Thread: The Magic Lives Beyond The Books ... AudioFictions

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    The Magic Lives Beyond The Books ... AudioFictions


    In celebration of Audiofictions's new season, the magic will come to life beyond the books in a brand new way: live!

    Join us at our YouTube Channel,, for a live Google+ Hangout and get to know Apollonious, Chadadada17, Equinox Chick, theGreatOm, Jessie Lights and Lupinpatronus, the MerMuggles behind the microphone! After we spin you a tale, you'll have the chance to ask, in real time, any questions you have about Audiofictions, fan fiction and Harry Potter!

    The MerMuggles also have a few surprises in store; you'll be the first to hear about exciting new features Audiofictions will be bringing you in the coming year!

    Don't miss your chance to see the MerMuggles together for the first time, bringing the magic beyond the books and straight to your screen!

    The magic begins at 12 PM ET/10 AM MT/9 AM PT. Go here to find out when the event begins in your timezone:

    There are links in this post. They are safe. You can trust a badger.

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