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Thread: The Question Corner # 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pepper Imp
    Do we have to have a thread in The Three Broomsticks to participate in the monthly drabble challenges? Are there any other requirements?

    Sorry, this is my first time considering doing a drabble challenge.

    No, you don't have to have a thread. All you need is the drabble you're participating with!

    Quote Originally Posted by BeautifulDreamer07
    Just a generic question:

    What sorts of things do you look for in the monthly challenge drabbles? Like, what sets the winning drabbles apart from the others and what sorts of things give a drabble that extra "oomph"? Is it orginiality? Writing style? Theme?

    Just asking. I love participating in the challenges and I was curious on how you pick the winners. It doesn't really matter to me if I win or not, though. Feel free to complete disregard this if you feel it's innapropriate. *hides*


    There's never any harm in asking! It depends on the drabbles submitted in that challenge, but in genrral I usually read them over once and then keep in mind the ones that stuck out in terms of originality or excptional characterization and then re-read those and narrow it down further. So yeah, characterization and originality, and it's usually a minus if I've read the same plot/idea over and over and over in fanfics...

    But I'm glad you asked, I'll take extra care to be more careful with the selection in future and if you guys like I could post a little note on why each one stood out. That would probably make the judging process alot slower, though.

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    July Challenge.

    Hello, I want to enter the July drabble challenge, but the prologue I want to write is for one of my stories that is not on the site yet, as I'm not quite finished with the first chapter. But I think a prologue would definately fit the story, so my questions is, I guess:

    Can the prologue be for a story that isn't up yet on MNFF?


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    Hmmmm, I guess so yeah, after all the first thing we see should really be the prologue if there is one.

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    I too have a question. (Although I suppose that's a little obvious)

    Anyways, is there a word count limit on the drabbles we post in our threads here? I've got one that's quickly turning into a rather long one (I think I can submit it, actually) and I was wondering if I could post it here. Or would you rather I break it up?



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    If it's just in your thread and not submitted for a challenge then I don't mind if it goes a little bit over. I'd encourage you to post that as a fic if it's long enough, though!

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    I thought I had seen before the due date for the July Challenge, but I might have missed it. Is it extended slightly because of DH? I completely forgot. Ah, well, maybe I'm too late...anyway, thanks in advance!

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    Yeah, the deadline was extended. It's posted in the new Post DH Announcements thread. You have until the seventh of August to submit!

    Good Luck!

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    Ron x Hermione
    You now have until the 27th to sort them out and get them through.
    You have until the seventh of August to submit!
    Maybe it's just a mistake, but which is it? *giggles*

    EDIT: *Smacks self* Sorry about that, Mithril, I think I was having a blonde moment. I apologise.


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    The deadline for the monthly challenge is seventh of August and I've said that in both the Announcement thread and in here.

    The quote you got that said 27th was referring to the gauntlet, which is a completely separate challenge and was due on July 27th.

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    I've already written my drabble for the september challenge, and posted it in my thread, but I have a question. My drabble is 511 words, but 12 of those words are from the quote I am using, from an unknown author. It would reach the exact limit, 499 without the quote...I was wondering if that's okay..

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