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Thread: The Question Corner # 2

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    The Question Corner # 2

    We're on number two, as usual this is the place to ask Questions about drabbles and drabble challenges and round robins etc. Any questions posted in the Drabble Challenge threads will either be deleted or remain un-answered since I don't check those threads as often.

    Just a couple of reminders while we're at it.

    Please keep material at a PG-13 or below rating for your drabbles. There's no little warning pop-up on the forums and they are viewable by anyone so anything posted here must take that into account.

    Also, please check over your drabbles for errors before posting and make sure to space the paragraphs properly so it's easy to read.

    Thanks, guys.

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    Ebil Gato Loco Ravenclaw
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    Hi Mith!
    Quick question:
    In Ravenclaw Tower we're required to close all threads once they reach 150 posts. What's the policy on closing threads here at the Three Broomsticks?
    I know mine only has 30 posts but I'm just wondering.
    And do you prune threads like myownmuggle does for the Beta Boards or VV for the Duelling Club?


    I've left moddom/fandom...though don't be surprised if I get caught lurking once in a blue moon.
    All questions pertinent to Ravenclaw need to be sent to ToBeOrNotToBeAGryffindor
    If you wish to keep in touch, feel free to friend me on LJ - I don't friend anyone under the age of 18. Sorry!

    Otherwise, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

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    For The Scheme Unvieled, are we allowed to do two entries on one drabble?



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    It's the same policy for closing threads forum-wide, but I think if someone reaches that number of posts in here they might be allowed to keep the closed thread without deletion, at least for a while, to give them a chance to save all the comments from other authors... but yeah, we'll deal with that when someone reaches 150, I suppose.

    I send old challenge threads to Hermione's Corner, but I don't really prune author's threads...if I did I would notify the author(s) of the thread before doing it...

    Yes, you can post more than one drabble for the Scheme challenge!

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    Quote Originally Posted by MithrilQuill
    Yes, you can post more than one drabble for the Scheme challenge!
    I meant write two drabbles based on the same original drabble for Eternal Glory? Is that allowed?


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    Quote Originally Posted by MrsRuebeusHagridDursley
    I meant write two drabbles based on the same original drabble for Eternal Glory? Is that allowed?


    Ahhhh, ok. Yeah, that's ok as well, I don't see why not!

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    Hey -
    Are poetry counted as drabbles? Because I have a poem for the prompt War in Remus's Reflections page -- and I'm not sure if I should post it or not...


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    I think that's fine, go ahead and post it!


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    Hey Mithril!

    I was just trying to come up with something for the June Monthly Challenge and I had a good idea...but I don't know if it's legal. So here's my question.

    Does the drabble have to be from Blaise's POV or can I have another character watching Blaise and it be from their POV?

    If it has to be from Blaise's POV then it's no big deal. I'll just come up with something else.


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    I'll let you do that, just as long as Blaise is the main focus of the Drabble.

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