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Thread: ITALIAN Language Help

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    You can also use "accendere il fuoco." In the present tense, it would be

    (Io) accendo il fuoco - I light/make the fire
    (Tu) accendi il fuoco - You light/make the fire
    (Lui) accende il fuoco - He lights/makes the fire
    (Lei) accende il fuoco - She lights/makes the fire

    If you want it in the past tense, it gets a LOT trickier, as Italian has a million past tenses. Note that the pronouns are in ( ) because you don't need the definition of 'Io (I)' 'Tu (you)' because the ending of the verb tells the listener who did the action.

    And, for good measure, if you want to use 'fare il fuoco' in the present tense, it's

    Faccio il fuoco (I make the fire)
    Fai... (You...)
    Fa... (He or she...)
    Facciamo... (We...)
    Fate (You (plural)...)
    Fanno (They...)

    Hope that helps a little!

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    Mnemone Radford
    I've been meaning to do this for ages- offering my Italian services, that is.

    I am Italian- citizen and all, even though I live in the US. I'm taking Italian 3 Honors in school with a 100 average, and I speak it at home as well. Any translations I give will be in standard Italian, NOT dialects. I am primarily Triestina, so I can supply translations into the Triestin and Veneto dialect, though it will take me significantly longer. I cannot say that I am completely fluent, but I know the language very well, especially grammar. I can help you with any tense but the passato remoto, which would only be an issue really if you wanted me to translate an entire story or the like- I want to get a better grasp on it personally before I assist anyone with it. There are a lot of tenses, though, so chances are I'll be able to help you.

    The question about fire has been answered already, but I will say that "faccia il fuoco" is in the subjunctive, so you would only use that if you were expressing a wish, opinion, or doubt.


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    Post Italian Culture

    If anyone needs some culture help, just ask me. I live in Naples, Italy, and have for a while. I can give a lot of culture help, especially for Neopolitan culture, and some for other Italian places. Just ask and you shall recieve!

    EDIT: I no longer live in Italy, but I can still help you on the culture and language, though maybe not the current events.

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    Neville's Girl
    Would anyone mind translating "Who goes there?" for me? It's someone guarding the edges of a dragon reserve, making sure nobody gets in who shouldn't. It could be a translation for "Who's there?" or "Who's that?" or "Who are you?"--I just need something along those lines.

    Also, I'd like the reply: "My name is Robert."

    Thanks in advance!


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    I could need with some help in Italian, please. How do you translate "Long time no see"? I tried using an online dictionary, but I'm lost with Italian. <.<

    Thanks in advance!
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