You can also use "accendere il fuoco." In the present tense, it would be

(Io) accendo il fuoco - I light/make the fire
(Tu) accendi il fuoco - You light/make the fire
(Lui) accende il fuoco - He lights/makes the fire
(Lei) accende il fuoco - She lights/makes the fire

If you want it in the past tense, it gets a LOT trickier, as Italian has a million past tenses. Note that the pronouns are in ( ) because you don't need the definition of 'Io (I)' 'Tu (you)' because the ending of the verb tells the listener who did the action.

And, for good measure, if you want to use 'fare il fuoco' in the present tense, it's

Faccio il fuoco (I make the fire)
Fai... (You...)
Fa... (He or she...)
Facciamo... (We...)
Fate (You (plural)...)
Fanno (They...)

Hope that helps a little!