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Thread: ITALIAN Language Help

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    ITALIAN Language Help


    I'm not gonna lie to you: online translators should not be held as the iron-clad rules when it comes to translating.

    Remember that you might need to give a bit of background in order for someone to give you the best possible translation. (For example, verbs can change drastically when conjugated into different tenses. Also, many adjectives have masculine and feminine forms. If you give a translator a bit of context, he or she might tell you that a slang word would work best.)

    I need to know how to say, "Please get over here immediately." This is Harry talking to Ron through the Floo.

    Anyone can use Google to find an online translator. There's nothing wrong with using these Internet tools, but translators should have at least a little knowledge of the language. (You don't have to be a native speaker, by any means.)

    Please note: if you're not 100% comfortable with your translating skills, please state that.

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    I could use some help with an Italian translation. I would like to know how to say 'time jump' in Italian. This is actually referring to the name of a potion. Thanks ahead of time!

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    Back with my Italian-ness!

    So. Time is, originally enough, 'tempo.' Now, jump as a noun is 'salto.' So you could combine the two and end up with 'tempo salto.' If you want jump as a verb, it's 'saltare.' You can do two things with that. 'To jump time' would be 'saltare tempo.' 'Time jumps' would be 'tempo salta.' Any of those would be fine, I think.

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    How do you write "Love is Honest Lies" in Italian? How about "Brown-Eyed Beauty"? Thanks!

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    Love is Honest Lies: directly translated it becomes "Amore bugie oneste" or "sincere" It doesn't sound as poetic, though.

    Brown-eyed beauty i'm not sure is translatable... beauty is belezza, though, if it helps, eye is occhio, and brown is bruno, or bruna in femininum. But perhaps someone more knowledgable than me will know. I've only studied Italian for two years.

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    I would like to know how to say 'time jump' in Italian.
    If you're refering to time travel it would be "Viagiare nel tempo" but if it isn't then all the others are fine.

    How about "Brown-Eyed Beauty"?
    It would be tranlated to, "Belezza di occhi bruni"

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    Badb Catha
    Quote Originally Posted by CraftySlytherin
    ... 'time jump' in Italian. ...
    'Salto temporale'. 'Time', here, is used as an adjective. You can say, also, with the same meaning, 'Salto nel tempo'

    Quote Originally Posted by ForbiddenLove
    ... 'Love is Honest Lies' ...
    I will say: 'L'amore un'onesta bugia'. Since 'love' is singular, I feel better keep 'lies' the same. About 'honest', in Italian abjectives can be put either before or after the noun, but the meaning changes. As an example, if I say 'un uomo povero' (literally, 'a poor man'), the meaning is 'a man who owns no money'; but if I say 'un pover uomo' the meaning is 'a man who lives poorly his humanity'.

    Quote Originally Posted by ForbiddenLove
    ... Brown-Eyed Beauty' ...
    'Bellezza dagli occhi bruni', we add the article, too. Or, also, 'Bellezza dagli occhi scuri'. 'Scuro' means 'dark', but we use it mostly, referring to eyes.

    I apologize for my mistakes...

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    I know this may sound somewhat weird, but for a fic I'm working on, how do you say, "Witch Hunter" in Italian?

    [don'tseewhywehavethefiftycharacterrulesinceeveryon eseemstogetpastitbyaddingalittlecommentattheendlik ethisone]

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    The literal translation of it would be 'cacciatore di strega' - 'hunter of witches'. Most don't bring up witch hunters in every day conversation, so I'm not quite certain what the proper term for one is, as it would be used by ordinary people. You could use the literal translation, of course, but it is quite a mouthful, so my suggestion would be to alter it to your liking. sorcerer is 'stregone', as well.

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    Thank you! I'm using it as a title, so I'm not going to shorten it. (I've seen titles with a bigger mouthful than that!)

    *adding this little bit for the 50 character rule*

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