It's been a couple of years (before I became the ruling powahhh of SPEW) since we've done a survey to get a feel for the membership and the group on a whole. The reason why this is a little late is that I wanted to make sure I didn't leave out anything and that the questions were phrased correctly. In the end, I came up with about 40 questions, most of which are multiple choice. Several of them have open answer boxes, but they aren't necessary to fill out unless you wish to or are asked to qualify your opinion.

This is the only activity of the month and is required for all active members of SPEW. However, if you were a member at any point in 2012 and are either no longer a member or are on hiatus, I would appreciate it (although it's not required) if you would complete the survey, as well.

I WILL know if you don't complete all the elements of the survey, because it logs IP addresses, which are easily obtained from the forum mod panel. That also means that, yes, I will know what your answers are individually. However, I must reiterate that it is vital that you be honest on this survey. This survey isn't for my benefit; it is for yours. If there is something that bothers you or that doesn't sit right with you (or didn't, if you were a member before), I want to know about it for the purpose of correcting it. I solemnly swear upon Rowena Ravenclaw's tomb that I will not take any of your answers or remarks personally, and my sole purpose in creating this survey is to single out things that interest and benefit all of you and weed out the things that don't.

Also, while most results will be shared with all of you, NO ONE will have their names affixed to any particular comment or opinion. And if someone's opinion feels too easily labelled as from someone in particular, I will edit it in order to make it more vague. I don't want anyone to be afraid that they will be identified in this survey, especially if you don't want to be.

The subjects are separated into groupings, both because SurveyMonkey has a 10 question limit per survey for non-paid members, and because it will give you a chance to do the surveys as the month goes on. I highly suggest you complete the survey progressively, because it will take some time to finish. There are many of you who procrastinate on your monthlies; I suggest that you not do that with this.

Now, with all that done, here are the surveys:

Survey 1: Writing Activities/Monthly Activities
Survey 2: Reviewing
Survey 3: RAC
Survey 4: SPEW Operations
Survey 5: SPEW Leadership

In order to receive credit for your monthly activity, ALL PARTS must be completed by the standard monthly deadline (April 15th, end of day).