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Thread: LATIN Language Help

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    Does anybody know a word I can use for "fire" or perhaps "flames" or something to that effect? I'd appreciate some help, as I need to invent some kind of charm that causes a fire (mild fire). Thanks in advance.

    --Little Kitty

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    Wow, I've been neglecting this thread, haven't I...

    I seem to have misplaced my Latin dictionary, so for the moment, the only think I can help with is Moony's question.

    Face is facie (pronounced fachie or fatsie depending on which whether it's Italian or German latin).

    Had this been Italian, I would have suggested Facie del Mortis, but since it's not I'm a bit uncertain about what word to put inbetween. Facie de mortis, Facie di mortis... Di sounds logical, but like I said, I cannot be certain. I shall return once my dictionary decides to peak out its head again.


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    Dumbledore Prince
    I need the Latin translation for "flood of water" or something close to it. Hopefully, it should be short (because it's a non-verbal spell). Two words maximum.

    I'm asking this again - does anyone know the Latin translation for unrequited love? I've tried to look "unrequited" up at a few sites - but so far, nothing has helped.

    Thanks in advance,
    Dumbledore Prince.

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    Dumbledore Prince: I looked up both of those for you:

    1. Eluvies means flood and aqua means water. Maybe you could combine those two together to provide yourself with a quick non-verbal incantation? Like you said...

    2. 'Love' is amor. 'Unrequited' means unanswered/unreciprocated, or is synonomous with it, and 'answer' in these senses can be either:
    • referri - to reproduce, reciprocate (best bet)
    • refero - to answer

    So, with that, you could whip up something. Since the translations I provided do not mean 'unrequited', make sure you add the un- or non- prefix.

    Will this, too, be a nonverbal incantation, or not? Hopefully, this doesn't turn out to be a duelling spell/charm/jinx, etc, or anything because it looks kind of long. But maybe I'm wrong.

    Hope it helped!

    - Danielle

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    Could I please have the translations for 'combine' and 'mass/ large amounts'? By the last one, I meant that for example, I want a spell that will transport large amounts of people to another place, so I pretty much need a spell for 'mass transportation'...Hope that made sense...Anyway, thanks in advance!

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    Lily_greeneyes: I looked that up also!

    • globus - a troop, crowd, of people (best bet)
    • vulgus - a crowd, mainly referring to the public

    Now, for transportation, I think it would be safe to use the 'Portus' incantation for the Portkeys. So, combining that, it would be easy to say because all three words have the -us suffix, only using two words is what I meant, not all three...haha. And, if it was me, I wouldn't trying combining two words together because it would take away the gorgeous effect of Latin! LOL.

    - Danielle

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    Thanks Danielle!

    When I meant that I wanted the word for 'combine', I didn't mean that I wanted to combine the two words together with another word....Whoops, sorry, I should have clarfied that... I just wanted the word for 'combine' or 'combining' because I want to make this spell called the 'Combinig Charm' that combines or binds two spells together to make one strong spell...So yeah, could I please have the word for that?


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    Lily_greeneyes: Oh, I totally overlooked that. The last thing you explained, about the transporting a group of people, is what I provided. I don't know what I read, but that's what came out! LOL. You can use 'combine' in two ways, whichever way you like:

    • conligo - bring, keep together
    • tempero - combine, blend

    - Danielle

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moony
    Isn't 'of' denoting the genitive tense? So it would be 'Facie mortis'?
    Yes, you are absolutely right. I discussed it with my "Latin teacher" (aka, my mother) and that is absolutely correct. I was way off... Then again, grammar never was my strong side in any language except English.

    Dumbledore Prince, the direct translation of Unrequited is non mutuus, so amor non mutuus would probably work.

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    Castle of Snakes

    I am looking for a latin translation for the name of a castle in my fic. I would like it to be along the lines of :

    The Castle of Snakes or Snake Castle, or something similar to that.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.

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