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Thread: LATIN Language Help

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    I'm doing a drabble for my CoMC class about Runespoors, a three-headed snake. Each snake has a different brain function: The Dreamer, The Planner, and The Critic. I was wondering if you knew any Latin words for each of these functions (dreamer, planner, critic) that could be used as a name?

    Thank you!

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    Dreamer = somniator

    To plan or scheme is excogito, and I think you could use a word like excogitor for planner, but I'm not sure... (rita_skeeter, do you know?)

    Critic can be any of the following: existimator, iudex, criticus, censor

    Pick what you think sounds best, is my advice

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    How cool to come across this thread just when I needed it--sort of a Thread of Requirement. I was up til 3:30 trying to figure out a Latin phrase for "unite or die." (it's for the Sorting Hat's song at the beginning of year 7; he's been trying to get the message across for so long, he's not in the mood to mince words anymore )

    I came up with concili aut mori but I'm not sure it's conjugated the right way. Any help?

    BTW--somnus is sleep, I think, not dream--morpho? Or is that Greek? Gah, I'm better at Sindarin (but it's a bear to type!)

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    Hi! I need either the word sky or cloud for my fic. I want it to be the name of my character, and the meaning has to be one of the two words. If you can't find it, any other word that has to do with the sky would be nice. Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by fawkes_07
    somnus is sleep, I think, not dream--morpho? Or is that Greek? Gah, I'm better at Sindarin (but it's a bear to type!)
    It is correct that somnus is to sleep, but it is also to dream. Double meanings and such.

    You conjucation sounds decent enough to my ears, but I hope someone will correct me if I'm wrong; my grammar skills, and my time at the moment, are limited.

    cloud is nubes, nebula or nubila. I believe they are all feminine. Sky is caelum, which is mascumine. I am telling you of the genders of the word so that you can "change" them, should you need to. Hope I helped!

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    Could anyone please tell me the words for paralyse, disappear, stick (as in sticking onto a wall, kind of stick), or if there is a better word for that, it would be nice....Can't think of one right now. All these words are for a fic I'm writing at the moment....


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    To the best of my ability:

    to paralyse = debilito, enervo

    to disappear = vansesco, evanesco, dilabor

    to stick = affigo, haereo, adhaereo, promineo

    If the last word is meant for a permanent sticking charm, I would probably go with adhaereo, as that is stick as in glue (think adhasive)

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    Please Help

    In the story I am writing, there is a "scene" in which Draco give's his son his ring which he has inscribed the phrase,

    "Learn from the past. Live for the future."

    I though it would be more intrigueing (sp?) to have it in Latin, but seeing as how I don't KNOW any latin, I am at the mercy of the translation the internet gave me, which I don't entirely trust. Would anyone that actually KNOWS latin be willing to help. ( the internet translation is "Perceptum ex preteritus. Ago pro posterus." Is this correct?

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    Hello again!

    I'm trying to make up a plant that has something to do with the nighttime or the dark, but I really couldn't think of any names in English. What are some words in Latin that have to do with night/dark/blackness?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Dumbledore Prince
    I need the Latin translation of "Unrequited Love".

    I'm writing a Tom Riddle Sr./Merope Gaunt fic. The English title would have been perfect -but it is overused. So I thought a Latin title would be better.

    Also, I need a title for a love potion (whose powers are not comparable with Amortentia). Will a Latin translation of "Powerful Infatuation" be good, or will it sound too much like Amortentia?

    Thanks in advance,
    Dumbledore Prince.

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