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Thread: LATIN Language Help

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    I know there's quies and somnium. Quies is more of a resting place, or a peaceful place you find in your sleep, where somnium is a fancy or a pleasant daydream-type thing. there's insomnium as well, which is a bad dream.

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    miss padfoot
    Thanks a million, SiriuslyMental! Insomnium was exactly what I was looking for

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    Insomnium is the singular, though. If you want the plural, as in "dreams" it's insomnia.

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    Natasha Johnson
    Hello everyone,

    Okay, I need a bit of a cryptic English sentence translated to Latin.

    Time is as it was, past and present.

    It doesn't have to be exact, but if you could stick to the words as close as possible, that would be lovely.

    EDIT: Does this sound right to any Latin scholars out there?

    Vicis est ut is eram, preteritus quod tendo.

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    Doctor Phoenix
    I would go with something like Tempus est ut is erat; preteritus et...something. I'm not sure what the word for "present" is, but it's not tendo...that means present as in "I present you with this gift."

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    Ok I confess I'm more than a little rusty on my latin these days but it seems to me that the is is a little redundant. I think you could probably get away with Tempus est ut erat. But, if you do need it, I think you would actually need id rather than is as you are still refering back to to tempus which is neuter.

    Present would be praesens and I've got praeteritus having an a in it in my dictionary, so it would be praeteritus et praesens.


    Tempus est ut erat, praeteritus et praesens

    Hope that helps.

    EDIT: Ok I was still puzzling over this a little more and I wondered, as your English phrase is a little cryptic if you had intended for 'past' and 'present' to be adjectives, which is how they are translated above, or nouns, in which case the second part would become praeterita et praesens tempus. I did try to find you another word to replace tempus at the beginning, if you did want them as nouns, to save the repitition of tempus but nothing else really works, that I could find.

    I also wouldn't completely swear that ut is unequivocably the right form of 'as' to use but it sounds right which I always take to be a good start and I've got a pretty strong feeling that it is.

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    Natasha Johnson
    Yes, I did mean past and present as nouns. So what I'm looking at is:

    Tempus est ut erat, praeterita et praesens tempus.

    And I actually like the sentence beginning and ending with tempus, because it stresses the point I'm trying to make.

    Thank you so much, Doctor Pheonix and h_vic! I really appreciate it!


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    I need help with a spell. If someone knows how to say 'to cut', that would be great! It's a cutting spell, but not like Sectumsempra. It simply cuts one location, such as a neck. Thanks!


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    Hi HKG,
    My Latin is so rusty that I searched online and found a list of Latin words that mean "to cut" in different ways. The web address is at the bottom of the list. I hope it helps.

    abscido : to cut off, to separate, take away.
    decido : (-cisi -cisum) to cut down, cut off / arrange, settle.
    infindo infidi infissum : to cut into.
    iuguolo : to cut the throat, butcher, kill, destroy.
    perseco : to cut through, dissect, cut away.
    praecido : to cut short, lop, mutilate.
    reseco : to cut back, cut short, diminish.
    reseco : to cut loose, intransitive : to depart.
    scindo : to cut, rend, split/divide, separate.
    seco : secui : sectum : to cut, hurt, wound, amputate, divide, part.
    subseco : to cut away, pare.

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    Latin help

    I need a latin word for replacement or substitution. It's for a spell. Any suggestions?

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