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Thread: LATIN Language Help

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    I need a spell to destory any magic that an object might posess(I do believe I spelled that wrong.) I just don't know any latin at all.

    Edit: Thanks EyeEetStrudel

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    You could come up with some combination of those. I personally like Deleo Magus, but that's just me.

    NOTE: I used an online English to Latin dictionary to find these. They might not be correct, grammatically. XD

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    Just a friendly reminder:

    Please refrain from using online translators for these threads as anyone can use them - the reason for these sections is so that authors can get first-hand information from people who have studied these languages.

    EyeEetStrudel - Thank you for mentioning that you did use an online translator, and your willingness to help is appreciated. Please remember this rule from now on.

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    b_reeger: Castrum means castle. Now, you said you wanted 'Castle of Snakes', or something of the sort. For 'snake', you've got a few options. Anguis means snake. But, serpens and draco (MALFOY *COUGH* ) mean snake, also. Hope that helped!

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    Dumbledore Prince
    I'd like to know the Latin translation for "container of memories" or "memory container" or something close to either of them.

    I also need to know the Latin equivalents for "create" and "creation". A spell that sounds good with the word "Horcrux" will help me even more.

    ~Dumbledore Prince.

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    Hello again! You may remember me from earlier posts in this same quite a few*ends boring introduction*

    Anyway, I just wanted to know the Latin translation for 'The Book of Truths'. And also, for 'barrier'. Thank you in advance!

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    Dumbledore Prince:

    Memories is memorie and container is arca. So arca memorie ought to do it.

    To create is creo. Creatio is the act of creation, and is a noun. Creatio Horcrux sounds nice and fancy, though Creo Horcrux most likely is more correct. However, you are writing a fictional spell for a fictional piece of writing, so whatever you go with will probably work out fine.


    Book is liber or libellus. Truth is veritas (like Veritaserum). Liber Veritas or Libellus Veritas should work. I personally think the first sounds better.

    A barrier is cancelli, but figuratively speaking it's impedimentum.

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    Hey there, I was wondering if any of you amazing latin people out there can help me out with a spell I need.

    I want it to read as 'my last chance.' I tried to write it myself but couldn't figure out which word would be most appropriate for chance (fortuna?) and what case to put ithe phrase in so it reads 'my.' A long time since I did Latin

    Thanks for any help.

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    My is meus. Last is postremus or ultimus. The latter sounds very nice, I think. Chance is fortuito. You could possibly consider skipping meus.

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    I would like to use a Latin term for the word "move" or "switch" in a spell. I found "moveo" online (along with several other similar ideas such as "agito" or "fabrica") but I like "moveo". It is my understanding that it does mean "to move". Is this the best choice? Is so, what form should I use? Thanks so much!!

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