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Thread: LATIN Language Help

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    OK, so I need to know what 'new opening' would be. And also 'fire', or 'make fire', or 'to make fire'. Thanks!

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    'New opening' could be either: novum foramen (I'm not 100% sure on the adjectival ending there as I can't exactly remember the rules with neuter nouns but I think 'um' is the correct ending - someone correct me if you disagree), nova consecratio or nova ansa, depending on whether you wanted opening as in hole, opening ceremony or opportunity respectively.

    Fire is ignis; 'to make fire' would be ignem facere and 'I make fire' would be ignem faco.

    Hope that helps,


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    Ok, so this is a bit of a weird request, but in my fic, I need the name of a spell which isn't Imperio, but has basically the same effect as it, except it also erases some memories which are focused on the ones people love.

    Thanks in advance!

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    You might want to just do some sort of advanced Legilimency work, as that sounds a bit too complex for a single incantation. Just saying.

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    That's what I've got in my story, but I thought I would see if a spell would be better. Thanks!

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    hpheart - It's creepy that you asked this.

    Actually, it's only creepy for me, really, because there is a spell with pretty much the same effect as you described used in a fic called Never Say Remember which was posted by one Malora on MNFF before the upgrade. She removed it, though, so you may want to look her up elsewhere ( comes to mind).

    Anyway, she calls the spell Rapio Memoria
    Quote Originally Posted by Malora
    "Rapio Memoria. It incorporates Legilimensóthe extracting of memories from another's mindówith Obliviate. It allows one to enter the mind and destroy everything related to one thought, place, or person."

    Rapio Memoria is drawn from the phrase "to steal memories."

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    Rapio Memoria is perfect, thanks El! It's exactly what I need especially as this forms art of the basis for the story.

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    Like many people, I have a family motto that I need translated. I did translate it, but I have a sneaking suspicion it's grammatically incorrect (what with those annoying cases). If someone could help me out I'd be super grateful.

    The motto goes: In purity, knowledge, and in knowledge, strength.

    Thanks in advance!

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    "In integritate, cognitionem, et in cognitione, vires"

    "In integritate, scientiam, et in scientia, vires"

    "In castitate, cognitionem, et in cognitione, vires"

    "In castitate, scientiam, et in scientia, vires"

    A few variations there. There's not much of a meaning difference between "scientia" and "cognitio" as far as I can tell, so which of those you choose is really down to preference for how it sounds, but there are shades of meaning between "integritas" and "castitas". The former implies purity more in terms of integrity or honour, whilst the latter is more based in chastity.

    I'm pretty sure those are right in terms of cases, although I did ponder for quite a while whether 'knowledge' and 'strength' ought to be nominative rather than accusative, so if anyone has an opinion feel free to disagree with me.

    Hope that helped,


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    Please help

    Can anyone help me? i'm hoping to find the latin translation for 'Living is easy with eyes closed'

    Any ideas?

    Many Thanks.

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