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Thread: LATIN Language Help

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    LATIN Language Help

    Many people find the need to make a new incantation in this lovely magical world to function for a spell that we don't know incantations for. Looking up latin words can really help in that quest.

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    In my D/G story, I invented a potion that makes the body invisible. The severity of the invisibility depends on how much of the potion the person consumed. What I need is the name of the potion. Basically, all I have now is the Invisibility Potion...and I need that translated into Latin. I'm looking for a word that is easy to say, and unique at the same time. Thanks ahead of time.

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    The only translation I can think of is "potio invisibilis" (potio being potion, and invisibilis being invisible, so invisible potion). My latin is limited... I use a dictionary and whatever grammar I can remember :P I guess if no one else can come up with a better translation you can use mine.

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    Well, "invidere" means "to not see or not find", so you could give it a title like Inviderum or even Liquor Inviderum. Of course most potions are given titles like "Calming draught" or "Shrinking solution", describing its affects so if you can't find the title that sounds right you could always use something like that.

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    Thanks for all the help. So far, I'm going with Invidere. But you've all been great with the help. I'll keep your suggestions in mind.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moony
    (Maia, help?)
    Lol, I'm not that good at this stuff :P

    I thought Liquor Inviderum sounded really good, personally. I'd use that, were it me.

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    Hello...I'm looking for a way to say 'Chaos Portal' in Latin. It's kind of a dimensional spell. Any help would be appreciated. I also need to know how to say 'Time Bends' and 'Time Breaks'. Thanks so much!

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    I'd like the words "past," "future," "clock," and "time" translated into Latin, please. (The first two are spells, and the other two are possible last names for an author)

    Edit: I'd still like for someone to translate "past" and "future..." sorry if I seem rude...
    Edit2: Nevermind, found them.

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    For CraftySlytherin:

    Portal: ??? Latin for journey: iter, itineris.

    Chaos: ??? Latin for without disclipine: sine disciplina. not the same thing, but...

    So I would suggest: Itersine Disciplina, or something like that.

    For Acroma:

    Time - tempus, temporis
    Clock - came from the Latin word for bell (glocca)
    Past - ???
    Future - ??? (Spanish: Futuro)

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    What does "vi verum veniversum vivus vici" mean, if anything at all?

    [EDIT: Ahhh, thanks!]

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