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Thread: LATIN Language Help

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    Quote Originally Posted by pwcapone
    I need a latin word for replacement or substitution. It's for a spell. Any suggestions?
    Hi pwcapone!

    These are the words I found when I looked up replacement:

    immutatio, immutationis - change, alteration, process of changing, substitution or replacement.

    These are the words I found when I looked up substitution:

    substitutio, substitutionis - putting in place of something/one else, substitution; making alternative heir

    commutatio, commutationis - change, reversal; upheaval; alteration; exchange, substitution; interchange

    immutatio, immutationis - change, alteration, process of changing; substitution/replacement

    inmutatio, inmutationis - change, alteration, process of changing; substitution/replacement

    conrectio, conrectionis - amendment, rectification; improvement, correction; word substitution; reproof

    correctio, correctionis - amendment, rectification; improvement, correction; word substitution; reproof

    It's been so long since I studied Latin, I don't trust my memory. I looked up the words on the following websight:

    Hope it helps!

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    Snape's Talon
    I'm looking for some assistance in creating a spell used to tune a musical instrument. The spell Reparo is canon, and seems to work with things that are broken. However, the instrument in question is not broken, per se; it's simply out of tune.

    Additionally, I found the word "organum" (it seems to mean musical instrument in Latin) and vox, which I'm certain is "voice".

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Well, intendo fidem could work as intendo is 'I tune' and fides is a musical instrument (I think it refers a bit more specifically to a stringed instrument so not sure if that would work for you or not?)

    I also had a thought that you could possibly use something like corrigo sonum or emendo sonum which would roughly translate to 'I correct the pitch'.

    Hope that helped,


    EDIT: I just thought of another possibility - adstringo nervos - 'I tighten the strings'.

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    Reparovox? Haha, it sucks, but sort of works? Repare the voice.

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    Snape's Talon
    Well, yes, I was using "reparo vox" as a placeholder. However, I think I'll go with "intendo fidem" since the instrument is a violin.

    Thanks, both of you, for your assistance.

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    I'm writing a J/L fic, and I need a spell that Lily would know that would repel a beast, and at least momentarily defeat it. I don't want it like Expelliarmus or Stupify because it should be something original. Please help!

    Thanks in advance,


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    Off the top of my head the phrace "rego animal" comes to mind. "rego" means "I control", hence it could mean to keep the beast away. I just moved, however, and am lacking in dictionary at the moment, so that's as much help as I can be.

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    Rego animal would work, and rego has the advantage of also meaning 'I rule' or 'control'. If you wanted a more defensive word, then repello would be better - it means 'I repell' or 'push back', or depello - 'I drive away'.

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    I didn't suggest "repello" because that's already a spell in the books. I looked ut up...

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    accio ( summoning)

    Ok, I went to the wrong thread, but now I'm here!

    I'm having a character "Accio" a human being, which in my view is the height of rudeness.
    But, I need a charm to slow down the velocity so the character isn't splattered on contact with the ground, but only rumpled up real good! Thanks

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