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Thread: LATIN Language Help

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    Hi. I take Latin classes and I might be able to help a little. I only started a in 2004 so I might not be of much help. I know a lot of grammer as well as vocabulary. In September I'll be able to help you more with stuff I don't know because classes have ended for the summer. In September we start again and I'll be able to ask my teacher if I don't know anything. I can call him on Saturdays also. Sorry, evanescence17 I don't know anything.

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    Me again.

    Is there a Latin word for 'backfire'? The Lexicon lists a Backfiring Jinx, but no incantation. If there isn't a word for backfire, how about 'reverse' or something like that? I need a Backfiring Jinx.

    Edit: I love the fast replies in here! Thanks, Sarah!

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    For evanescence17:

    odium ~ hatred; an object of hatred

    adduco ~ to bring to a certain state of mind, to influence, induce

    For Leanne:

    retexo ~ to unravel , undo, reverse; to cancel, annul; to retract; to revise

    Until we meet again, rita_skeeter.

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    I'm writting my first ever fanfic and i'm trying to think of a spell that teleports inanimate objects. The only latin, or other language, words i can think of sound like, or are portus(to carry), which obviously i cant use on account of the portkey connection. Does anyone have any ideas? I'm thinking words like transport, teleport. Send?

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    Hi murgatroid!

    migro ~ to move, transport; to transgress


    transmoveo ~ to remove , to transfer

    Until we meet again, rita_skeeter.

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    thanks rita_skeeter!!
    i have decided to use migromoveo. Thanks again for your help!

    EDIT: Actually, is there a word in latin for elsewhere? Coz now the spell says basically move move and its kinda weird.

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    Hi again!

    alibi ~ elsewhere , at another place


    aliorsum and aliorsus ~ in another direction , elsewhere

    I'm happy to help - it's no problem!

    Until we meet again, rita_skeeter.

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    I'm giving five points each to Maia Madness and rita_skeeter for their great efforts in this thread. Keep it up!

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    For a later chapter in my fanfic, Hermione uses a barrier/shield spell that sends the Trio's attackers hurtling backward so that they can Disapparate. I had the spell as Obex Obduco, which, if I can remember, were two words for barrier and protect. It's been a few months since I looked them up, I just quickly wrote them down because I thought they sounded good together for a spell. Does anyone know if this is correct? Or, are there other words that would describe this spell better? Thanks

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    I think these are the definitions of the words you have:

    obex ~ bar, barrier, barricade

    obduco ~ to draw over , draw in front

    So yes, they seem just fine! I have a few more words that are fairly similar, if you'd like to use them:

    obmolior ~ to build against (as barrier or defence)

    intego ~ to cover , protect

    munimen ~ a protection , defence

    Until we meet again, rita_skeeter.

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