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Thread: Fred/George Weasley

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    Which ear was it that George lost again in DH: the right or the left? I forget which one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by OliveOil_Med
    Which ear was it that George lost again in DH: the right or the left? I forget which one.
    I believe it was his left ear



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    Okay, my question is:

    How do you think George would react to finding out he was attracted to a Malfoy. A female on of course. Do you think he would be mad at himself? Her? Disgusted? e.t.c.

    I was thinking of having him a bit of the first and the third. I was also going to have him try and change her views of purity of the blood (even though she's a halfblood, long story) and have it blow up in his face and him wishing to apologize to her for angering her. Do you think that's in character for him, cause I don't see him as the type to want to annoy a girl and make them offended. Also, he wasn't attracted in the physical sense (at least, not only) he was emotionally attracted, but only a little.

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    Do we know when Fred and George discovered the hogwarts kitchens? I want the twins to have discovered them by their first year. Is this plausible?

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    I don't think it's mentioned when they discovered the kitchens, but they acquired the Marauder's Map in their first year, so they likely saw the location of the kitchens on there.

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    Although I don't think the location of the kitchen is really a secret. It's just another part of the castle, after all. And the Hufflepuff dormitories are right near there; all you would really have to do is follow your nose from there. Besides, they had so many older brothers attending Hogwarts before then. I think it might be very likely that Charlie discovered the location of the kitchen and just showed it to them one day. We really don't know when they came across the Marauders' Map, and I think the Weasleys would think of a lot more fun things to go with the map besides finding the kitchen.

    I think what is more likely is that they just came up with the idea of going to the kitchens one night and raiding the food. But no doubt, the Marauders' Map made it a lot easier. But I just think it is a lot more likely that the discovery of the kitchens came before the discovery of the map.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Molly
    We really don't know when they came across the Marauders' Map, and I think the Weasleys would think of a lot more fun things to go with the map besides finding the kitchen.
    Actually, this is mentioned in canon. They had just given Harry the map and were explaining how they got it (they stole it from Filch). They say that it was in their first year. Here's the quote:

    "Well... when we were in out first year, Harry -- young, carefree and innocent--"

    -- Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, chapter ten, The Marauder's Map, page 143, Australian edition.
    I would type the whole explanation from the book, but it's a bit long.

    I suppose you are right in the fact that the kitchens wouldn't be the most exciting place to find. They could have just heard a rumour about where it was, and not necessarily found it on the map first. But remember that the kitchens are hidden. There's not an obvious door with signs pointing students in the right direction -- you have to tickle to pear on the painting of a fruit bowl. So even if you passed the picture every day, you might not realise that the entrance to the kitchens is just a few steps away.

    The location of the kitchens is probably passed down from older students to younger students in the form of rumours, but not necessarily known throughout the entire school.

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    Could Fred get serious about a relationship? If he was trying.... George would get serious faster, though, I think.

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    This may sound like a strange question, but I was wondering what kinds of interaction any of you can remember between the twins (esp Fred) and Hermione that stands out as atypical... if there is any. When I think about it, I mainly come up with her being on their cases for trouble-making and stuff like that. I just wondered if there was more... even snippets of conversation in which the twins said anything about her... I'm considering her reaction to Fred's death, and want to make sure I have all the info. I checked the quote section in the Lexicon, but didn't find anything that really surprised me.

    Just want to make sure I've got my bases covered.

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    She gives the twins some grudging respect for their magic skills. It's during OotP when the twins are beta-testing what will become their product line, about the hats that make a person's head invisible.

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