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Thread: Fred/George Weasley

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    Woah. I think I've just entered a parallel universe

    This reminds me of Back to the Future, which explains how I managed to follow your plot. Okay, there is one variable you have to think about before you go any further. Is the George from Vista's original world still the practical jokster we all loved from the books, or does he have a completely different personality than we know?

    If the George from Vista's original world was different than the one from Harry's world, then it could be completely plausible that he would hide a secret engagement. The George we all know would NOT, however. The Weasley family is very tight, and as much as George and Fred snuck around throughout the books making their joke products, I don't think George would be able to keep something like that a secret. Why would he need to?

    Another problem you may run into is the fact that the new George doesn't even remember the Vista from the old world, because everything has changed. He may think that a random girl that claims to be his fiance is really *weird*, or he may be flattered. It is hard to say because I don't know how you want the story to turn out. This is definitely AU, right?

    Now if Vista became friends again with George, it is very possible that he may like her again, but it will be a different *like* than the world Vista knew him in. I know this is a very complicated topic, so if this made absolutely no sense to you, please PM me and I will try to explain further


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    Jade Potter
    I know that the Weasleys are a tight family, but George might be able to keep that a secret for a little while if he truly tried for the woman he loves. And in Vista's world they were as in love as our Harry was in love with Ginny. But, if Vista asked him to keep it a secret due to the risks it would put not only him, but his family in great danger should Voldemort get wind of their engagement.

    But the George is the same in both worlds, well Vista has an effect on George to the point of his being less of a prankster (not that he's completely out of the pranking bit though). But she, if this is the best way to describe it, grounds him.

    On his not even knowing Vista, well I can't give all of the fic away in this, but I've got a bit of an idea in my head of how to handle that. I also just sent a reply to your PM.

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    If George is exactly the same in both worlds (with the exception of the new one not knowing Vista), then he probably wouldn't have to try very hard to make it work. If the old George fell so madly in love with her, the new one would as well. Their personalities are the same so they'd both naturally be attracted to her. Now, our George would find it extremely bizarre that this random girl claims to be his fiancée, so it would take some time for him to warm up to her.

    As for keeping the engagement a secret, I think he could do it for at least a while. Though the family is very tight, the twins easily kept their joke shop a secret for quite a long time. Of course, he'd NEVER get it past Fred ( ), but I'm sure it would stay between the two of them.

    Hope this helped!

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    What do you think their middle names are?
    I honestly have no idea. (suggestions would be greatly appreciated)
    And waht year were they born? I know their birthday is April 1st. But what year?
    Thanks if anyone can help.

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    They were born in 1978.

    We don't know their middle names but you're better off sticking with something Arthurian to keep with family tradition.

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    wow-jo made the dates in HP confusing.
    what do you mean Arthurian?
    Is that like all the names all Weasley's have?

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    Arthurian legends are the stories involving King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. The Weasley children's names (and Arthur's, obviously) are all from one of the legends.

    Percival (Percy) is one of the Knights of the Round Table; Guinevere (Ginny) is the wife of Artur; etc. etc. You get the idea.


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    I have a question, if you don't mind.

    For a while there was a discussion about George being in a relationship. How do you all think Fred would go about getting into a relationship?

    Do you think that Fred would be romantic if he liked the girl or would he still be ignorant?

    What do you think Fred would look for in a girl?

    Sorry if I repeated anything.


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    For a while there was a discussion about George being in a relationship. How do you all think Fred would go about getting into a relationship??
    Well in GOF he simply hollared an invintation to Angelina Johnson across the room. So I think he would be very open and blunt if he wanted to be with someone. Even if he really, really liked the girl and on the inside, and was a bit more nervous and doubtful.
    Do you think that Fred would be romantic if he liked the girl or would he still be ignorant?
    Hmmmm...well Fred to me is that popular, funny guy that we all know and love (or admire if you are a straight guy ) He's also a immature prankster too though. That being said, I think Fred would be a very funny and a very smooth date but I don't see him as the type of guy who would buy a dozen roses and compose a poem. He might find it more romantic to show his love in some sort of a prank maybe.
    What do you think Fred would look for in a girl?
    I think he would obviously need a girl who likes to laugh and have fun--not neccesraliy a prankster herself but just someone who would appericate his jokes and laugh along and just put up with him. I also think she would need to have a side to her that's a bit like Mrs. Weasley in someway since its apparent that Fred has a lot of respect for his mother (and besides, Molly's pretty much the only person who can control the twins in any sort way.) Going back to Angelina, she has that same strictness that Molly has, while at the same time finds the twins hilarious. I think the girl would have to have George's approval too. I don't see Fred being with someone his twin, best friend and business partner didn't like.

    (By the way if you couldn't tell, I was a Fred/Angelina shipper before his death )

    Well, hope that helped!

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    How do you all think Fred would go about getting into a relationship?
    If we look at the way he asked Angelina to the Yule Ball, he would probably be just as direct and casual about another relationship. He wouldn't make a big show of it, but it would mean a lot. Although now that I think about it, he might pull off some spectacular prank to impress her. He would likely just simply out-of-the-blue ask the girl out.

    Do you think that Fred would be romantic if he liked the girl or would he still be ignorant?
    I'm not sure what you mean by "ignorant," but I think he would be romantic in a subtle way. Fred might be over the top and showy in public, but when something means a lot to him he'll care for it a great deal. I could see him as the type to secretly leave a rose for her to discover, and then never mention anything about it later.

    Fred would also be highly protective of the girl he likes. We see how he is about his family. When Ginny starts dating, he and George are always hovering over her. He doesn't let anyone mess with this family and friends (or girlfriend ).

    What do you think Fred would look for in a girl?
    He'd definitely want a girl who has a sense of humor and would laugh at his jokes. He wouldn't want (and probably couldn't deal with) someone who was clingy or needy in any way. She should be independent and have her own life away from Fred. And I agree with Kasey that George would have to accept her too.

    I don't know if this is what Fred would want, but she should probably be able to reign him in a little too.

    Hope this helped!

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